FLORIDA TRIP – A Full Day at Stephen Foster SP – Saturday, January 8, 2011

We both woke up just before 7am this morning. I was happy to see Nancy feeling a lot better today. We leisurely took our time getting dressed and enjoying our coffee. Nancy then made us fruit smoothies for breakfast – tasted great and lots of Vitamin C!!

Around 9, we decided to visit all the exhibits in the park. First stop, The Stephen Foster Museum, where we watched a video about Stephen Foster and viewed all the antique pianos and the dioramas that depicted many of his songs. Of course, Nancy snapped a ton of pictures.
Stephen Foster Museum

Antique Grand Piano

Mother of Pearl Piano Keyboard

"Swannee Ribber" Diorama

"Camptown Races" Diorama

Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair
Next stop, the Craft Buildings…
There are quite a few cottages that house various crafts. Of course, we went to them all!! Each building was staffed by a volunteer craft person. Most of them are RVers who get to demonstrate their craft in exchange for an RV site at the park. What a great way to enjoy your hobby!!

In the blacksmith’s building, I got to swing a hammer. Don’t think I will be “smithing” in retirement.

We came back to the Van and had a sandwich for lunch. Then we ventured out with our camera and walking poles in hand to hike several trails, the best of which was along the Suwannee River. All toll, we ended up hiking about 10 miles. It was perfect weather for our trek.
Click pictures to enlarge them

We left the campground (3 loops in middle of picture) and followed the River Road Trail to Catfish Hole where we picked up the FTA Trail (Florida Trail) along the Suwannee River.
Along the River Road Trail

Catfish Hole, our first view of the Suwannee River.

Suwannee River Sign
More Views of the Suwannee River 

At the end of the trail, just outside the gates of the state park, we came upon two remaining historic structures in the town of White Springs. 
The Country Store and White Sulfur Springs. 
Adams Country Store - 1865 

Original  Resort
Remaining Resort after a great flood

Choose your Treatment!

We finished up just about 4 pm. Just in time to try out the video feature on my camera.
Waiting for the 4pm performance of the Carrillon Bells

What we really wanted was the audio of the Carrillon bells
playing “Swannee River” at the Bell Tower (Campanile).
This is the major attraction of the State Park. We had some success,
but not enough to post…have to work on that some!!

What a day!! By 5 o’clock, we were both starving.
 Nancy made us a wonderful sphaghetti dinner and salad.
She also pulled a bottle of wine out of the cooler and proclaimed,
 “We earned this today!” 
 Now I know she is feeling better.


  1. Hey, looks like a great place to put on our bucket list. Love seeing posts like this, it whets my appetite for full-timing, and getting out there to see our great America. Glad to hear Nancy is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the rally. ~Marti (for both)

  2. This is GREAT now we get to follow you and see some of our old favorites, Oceola National Forest where we stayed and the Suwanee River which we kayaked. Nice pics Nancy and so glad you are feeling better.........I'd say you must for a 10 mile hike. Keep up the good work here and just forget about going back, that's what I wish we'd done. LOL

  3. I bet the Carrillon bells were wonderful! That whole area looks like a great place to stay.