FLORIDA TRIP - Lazydays, Hiking and Geocaching - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We woke up to a chilly 36 degrees this morning. Needless to say, the shower in the non-heated rest rooms was a bone-chilling, eye-opening experience. With the temps dropping to the mid 2o‘s tonight, I think Nancy will skip the morning shower tomorrow.

After breakfast we decided to drive to Lazydays RV Dealership. It is best described as an RV Dealer on steroids. We walked around and went in and out of a lot of different RVs. We only saw about 25% of what they had on their lots. We were not dressed warm enough and it was just too cold and windy to walk around and look at all the units. We did go to their on-site Camping World and buy a water filter, replacement light bulbs and holding tank deodorizer. We’ll see more rigs tomorrow at the RV Supershow in Tampa.

Rows of Fifth Wheels

Rows of Class A Motorhomes

Rows of Class C Motorhomes

Rows of Service Bays

Rows of Dining Tables

Rows of Drink Machines
Lazydays provides free breakfast, lunch and beverages for all customers. We enjoyed a hot cup of coffee after walking around outside.

Sales Office Area

Finance Center

Service Lounge Area

Camping World

We got back to the campground by noon. After lunch, we headed out to do some more geocaching along a section of the Florida Trail right here in the state park. I would consider the trail moderate when it comes to difficulty. The terrain is flat, but there are lots of tree roots sticking up so you have to watch your step. Besides hiking and geocaching, another purpose of the hike was to scout out the Hillsborough River and see where we can launch our Sea Eagle Kayak. We found a couple of spots. So if the weather gets a little warmer by the end of the week, we will try to get in some kayaking!!

Along the trail

Canoe in the River

Kayak launch area (actually in the campground)

I did find 2 of the 3 geocaches that we set out to discover.
Both Caches were ammo-cans
The one we didn’t locate was going to require some bushwhacking through the vines and stickers in order to reach it. Didn’t need to find it that much.

We did spot some wildlife along the trail. Nancy got up close and personal with an armadillo. We frightened deer and they frightened us so no pictures there!! Nancy was able to get a few wildlife photos and at the end of the trail we watched a red-tailed hawk….amazing!!

Help...What is this bird??

Red Tailed Hawk 

The Endanger 'Wild Orange Picker'

Another day with at least 8 miles of walking, no wonder we are sleeping like babies. Tomorrow we are looking forward to meeting some RV-Dreams friends at the Tampa RV Show and scouting all the new 2011 Motorhomes. I’ve already promised Nancy that I won’t buy a motorhome tomorrow at the show, but maybe Friday!! JUST KIDDING HONEY! We will just have to look and admire until we sell the house.


  1. I don't think anyone has ever gotten a picture of the Endangered Orange Piker before. I bet you could sell it to National Geographic Magazine...

    Sounds like you're having entirely too much fun. We're jealous. ;c)

  2. Is that the famous rose breasted white capped wild orange picker? I'd like to get me one of those. :-)

    Sounds like another great day! But then they all seem to be when you're on the road.

    Hope it warms up for you at the show tomorrow. It was windy here too which cut our 30's to feel like 20's. Brrrrrrr

  3. Thanks for the tour of the Lazydays RV Dealership. I have not been there. I like the idea of the dealership buying lunch.


  4. Glad to see another person climbing on things. In my book a tree is every bit as good as a large rock! Not sure where else you are going in FL. If you get to Collier Seminole State Park, kayaking in the black water through the jungle is amazing. Also, the 15 mile bike trail at the Shark Valley entrance to the Everglades National Park (just off the Tamiami Trail) is not to be missed.

  5. Nancy - you are taking great pictures with that camera. Have fun seeing all those RV-Dreamers!

  6. Our next stop, Sunday, is Collier-Seminole State Park. We picked it because we wanted to bike Shark Valley which we had done about 10 years ago. Nice to know there is some fun kayaking there as well. Weather is warming so we are looking forward to it.