FLORIDA TRIP - Shark Valley: Part II, Everglades NP – A Spectacular Bike Ride -- Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Part II - The Birds of our Shark Valley bike ride post.  We got some great photos and have been trying to identify each bird.  (click to enlarge the photos) This is all new to us so any help you can give us will be appreciated.  So here goes....
Bird #1 - Anhinga

Bird #2 - Anhinga

Bird #3 - Help!!
Bird #4 - Help!!

Bird #5 - Help!!

Bird #6 - Great Blue Heron

Bird #6 - Great Blue Heron closeup

Bird #7 - Help!!
Bird #8 - Belted Kingfisher
Bird #9 - Wood Stork
Bird #9 - Wood Stork taking off

Bird #10 - Great Egret (I think)

Bird #11 - Snowy Egret (I think)

Here are several Bird #12 - Roseate Spoonbills...
They were so cool couldn't pick just one!!

Bird #13 - Help!!


  1. WOW Nancy what fabulous pictures.....that kingfisher and the stork and the spoonbills. Great job! What a day you had!

    I "think" #5 is a common Gallinule. They are year round in Florida. #13 might be a yellow crowned night heron. He's definitely some kind of heron. Can't help you with the others but would love to know what they are ultimately.

    Most folks write "wish you were here" but I'm sayin' "wish I was there".

  2. We are not any good with the bird names either, but we really enjoy seeing them along with the rest of the wildlife. Thanks for sharing these very nice pictures.
    Syl & Gin