Happy Memorial Day! - Monday, May 31, 2010

Today started out like many of our days with a brisk 4 mile walk. After showering, Nancy had to go to work and I (per Nancy’s instructions) completely emptied the Master Bathroom so it can be scrubbed (by Nancy -- I can’t be trusted to do it correctly) from top to bottom tomorrow.

Our plan is that once the master bath is cleaned, we will use the guest bath for showers. The shower in the master bath is a real pain to keep clean, so once we get it spotless, we want to leave it that way while the house is up for sale.

All the goods from the bathroom ended up on towels in our bedroom.
I did what I was told, “get the stuff out!” However, I wasn’t told where to put the stuff so I made an executive decision!! Oh well, it’s only temporary and I’m sure most of this “stuff” is not going back in the bathroom anyway. I also went through my clothes closet and packed a large box of shirts, pants and shoes that will go to Goodwill.

NOW, that’s enough work for today!!

Today would not be complete without thanking all those who have served or are serving in the military. Nancy and I both are veterans and are proud that we had the opportunity to serve.
I wore my “American Flag” golf shirt as I always do on Memorial Day. After lunch I drove to Myrtle Beach to a new multi-use development called Market Commons. It is actually on the land of the former Air Force Base. The City of Myrtle Beach was hosting “Myrtle Beach Military Appreciation Days.” They have had numerous events going on since Friday night.

I had the camera for a change and snapped the following photos. Guess which branch of service I was in……..

The Memorial Day ceremonies featured all branches of service. A Brass Band played patriotic songs and after The Presentation of Colors, 3 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne All-American Free-fall Team landed just 25 yards from me – flares and all.

Following that, the scene turned very somber. They had a tribute to wounded warriors, POWs and those still missing in action. It caused me to reflect and remember that Freedom is not Free! So to all those who have served and are serving today, we say, “Thank You!” It turned out to be a great day for me. I just wish that Nancy could have enjoyed the military appreciation events with me.

Nancy here…….
I served 4 years in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.  Memorial Day reminds me of my good friends who lost their lives serving our country. However, Memorial Day means a lot to Bill and I for a much happier reason.  Our daughter, Julie, has a blog called “Julie’s Journey.” She explains it best with her blog entry for Memorial Day. If you have time….take a look…  Our grandson, Daniel is a very special survivor!

Daniel and his youngest sister, Samantha

Happy  Memorial  Day !!


  1. First of all, terrific pictures! Nancy, my Nikon D3000 is terrific. I really like it, it can be Auto if you want, or completely manual. Give it a try!
    Secondly, I read your daughter's blog..wow God is so Good!


  2. Hey Bill,

    You must have looked really sharp in your Cub Scout uniform! ;c)


    Thanks for sharing your daughter's blog, God is truly a God of miracles. It was a blessing to read your grandson's story and see your daughter's faith in action.