Ocean Boulevard Bike Ride - Sunday, May 23, 2010

We decided last night that we would load the bikes in the car and ride Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach this morning. The weather was going to be perfect again for a ride – 70 degrees and sunny with no wind!!

We left the house at 6 am and drove to the “old” Air Force Base (now Market Commons) and parked the car in Warbird Park – a small park with a few military planes on display.

The sun was just coming up as we crossed US 17 and headed north on Ocean Boulevard.

The Blvd has bike lanes about 5 miles of the 10-mile strand.
We planned to ride to the end of Ocean Blvd and then reverse our course and come back. That’s exactly what we did. The view for the most part is hotel after hotel, condo after condo, with beach stores, pancake houses and amusement parks sprinkled throughout.
Occasionally, we got a good view of the ocean and it looked like a lake today with virtually no waves.
Turn around point 76st Ave North

Myrtle Beach just built a boardwalk, so we made a quick stop to take a look at that as well.
The road was pretty bumpy and it jarred us a couple of times, but I’m glad we did it. I don’t think we’ll ride this route again, as we prefer more natural surroundings. We are always looking for good places to ride. If you have some favorites……..let us know!! They can be anywhere in the USA…..remember we will be traveling eventually!!
Traffic began to pick up in volume about 8am. Fortunately, we were almost finished the ride. Sunday mornings have always been our favorite time to ride. Normally, we have the roads to ourselves, but downtown Myrtle Beach is a little different. I guess folks are getting an early start to head home on Sundays. Nancy, as usual, had a camera in hand and snapped lots of pictures of the “strand.”
Minature Golf Course at Hwy 17 and Ocean Blvd

Farrow Parkway Entering Market Commons

Driving Home approaching Market Commons Shopping District

We finished in time to get home and shower. Nancy had to go to work and I HAD to play golf! That’s a Sunday routine as well.

We have promised each other, AGAIN, that sooner rather than later, we have to tackle the house to get it prep’d for sale. Nancy will probably put that on our “To Do” list…..that means I have to get it on our “To Done” list. Oh well, today I am going to relax and play……Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Nice pictures as always! Made us wish we were down there again!

  2. Nice to see you caught Bill's best side as you rode behind him! :c)

    Love that new boardwalk.