The House Is For Sale - Friday, June 4, 2010

Mark the calendar today as the date we started the selling process. We met with the Real Estate Agent, Terri, who sold us this house in 2004. She was very professional and we had no surprises all the way through construction and settlement. Because of that good experience, we decided to use Terri on the selling side this time.

We will sign the actual listing papers next Tuesday, but I consider today the “commitment” day. Terri asked us if we had any idea how much we should list the house for. We were within $10K of her number, so that was a good sign to us that we are on the same page. As she toured the house, she made comments about all the built-ins and that they are a great selling point. To be honest, we had forgotten about the built-ins in the master bedroom, bonus room and pantry. When I asked her what needed to be done to get it ready for showing, she said “NOTHING!”  We have worked hard to get it ready and were very pleased to here that comment.

We would really like to sell the house furnished. Terri advised us to treat the furnishings and the house separately. She said that banks and mortgage companies don’t lend money for furniture…just for the home itself. So the price must reflect only the house. If the buyer does not want the furniture in addition to the house, we will have to figure out a plan to get rid of the furnishing. We may be stepping it up from garage sale to “WHOLE HOUSE SALE…EVERYTHING MUST GO” sale!!

If we sell it quickly (we can dream can’t we), we will have to figure out where to live until we go full-time Rving next year. I’d like to have the problem. But for now – THE HOUSE IS FOR SALE!

Anyone want a nice spacious home at the beach?!?!?

WARNING: Following are pictures of the house that we took today. Some of them will be used in the listing ad. There are many, so feel free to leave the blog now, but we want to put them here for our records.

Trent Drive, Murrells Inlet, SC
House: 2456 sq. ft.
Garage:  552 sq. ft.
Screen Porch: 192 sq. ft.
Patio:  306 sq. ft.
Screen Porch and Patio
Fig Tree and Blueberry Bushes above...Vegetable Garden below

Rose Garden


Living Room

Dining Room


Laundry and Pantry

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Grandchildren's  Bedroom

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Bonus Room above Garage


  1. Wow, what a beautiful home! It looks like a magazine layout. I will be really surprised if it doesn't sell quickly, even in this economy. Your realtor was right; you don't need to do ANYTHING else to be ready!! Best wishes on a fast sell!!

  2. You have such a beautiful home. The decorating is so pretty. I would imagine it will sell very quickly. You did a great job getting it ready!