"To Do" and "To Done" Lists - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi, this is Nancy.  I am not the usual blogger, but I need to share a few pictures with you.  Before I do, you need a little information about my Dear Husband Bill.  He is a Type A++ who has never seen a "To Do" list that he does not need to be a "To Done" list. 

Yesterday morning, during our morning power walk, we discussed what we need to do to take the Sea Eagle on its first float this Saturday.  First, we need life jackets and second, we need to learn to inflate the Sea Eagle.  So checking our schedules, we realized we were both off on Thursday or Friday after 5pm. After work, on either night, we could accomplish both tasks. However, there now was a "To Do" list that needed to be a "To Done" list!!

Well, I went to work at Home Depot from 11am to 8pm. That meant that Bill was left alone with a "To Do" list from about 3pm, when he got home, until 8pm.  He couldn't stand it.  I got home about 8:30pm and walked into the living room to find a blown up Sea Eagle and 2 Life Jackets ready to be used.

Here's the proud "To Done" list man resting in his kayak!!

He was good enough to deflate and store everything this morning before he went to work.

Weather permitting, we'll let you know how our first kayak adventure goes on Saturday.


  1. We look forward to hearing about your adventures on the water. We have gone to Huntington Beach State Park the past couple of early springs and want to know where to put our kayaks in. Good luck with the house listing.

    Syl and Gin