Our "Home Turf" Bike Ride - Sunday, May 30, 2010

We both got a good night's sleep after our "Big Clean" yesterday.  This morning, we decided to ride our local neighborhoods.  Nancy grabbed her IPOD as is her Sunday morning custom when we ride.  She plays Elvis Gospel Music (she calls it "church time") as she pedals and snaps pictures.  Oh, she only uses 1 earphone so she can still hear traffic and me if necessary!

WARNING: Lots of photos.  Since we will be moving from here, we wanted a photo history of where we lived and rode. 

We rode through our neighborhood, Pebble Creek and headed for Prince Creek, an upscale community across Hwy 707.

Pickering Drive towards the International Club Golf Course.

Past the International Club Driving Range
International Community Club House and Pool
Entrance to International Golf Club House

Heading down International Drive towards Prince Creek

Prince Creek is home to a TPC Championship golf course.  There are quite a few communities within Prince Creek.  One of our favorite to ride through is Collins Creek.  Beautiful homes and a lovely boat landing makes for a nice ride.
Road to Collins Creek

Lovely Collins Creek Home
Collins Creek Boat Landing
Prince Creek is a nice place to ride as there is very little auto traffic and the roads are smooth.  We did see a family of Swans just before we past the TPC Golf Course.

As we approached Swamp Bridge, I took the camera from Nancy and snapped a couple photos of her.  She takes all the photos, so we never have a picture of her.  So here she is on "Blue Streak" (yes, she has named her bike!)

Adjacent to Prince Creek is another nice development called BlackmoorBlackmoor's claim to fame is that it is the home of the only Gary Player designed golf course in the Myrtle Beach Area. 

Road to Blackmoor Community

Blackmoor Golf Club House

It is really cool riding next to the golf courses I've played.  Nancy always accuses me of having a convenient memory.  What is a convenient memory?  Well, according to Nancy, I remember the things I want to remember and have no memory of things I don't want to remember.  For example, I can recall every and I do mean EVERY shot I have in a round of golf, yet forget to water Nancy's garden after she asks me on that same morning.  Oh well....what can I say!!

Back to the ride!  Nearing the end of our ride, we cruised through another subdivision in Prince Creek called Seasons. 

Seasons is a 55+ community with smaller homes and yards.  Even looking at those houses, we both agreed that we are tired of taking care of any house including the yard work and maintenance that goes with it. 

From there, we headed home by way of Tournament Blvd.

Hwy 707 and Tournament Blvd
Tournament Blvd

Entrance to International Club Communities

Entering Pebble Creek, our community

Entering Trent Drive, our street

We finished our ride (about 20 miles) by 9am while the temperature was still comfortable.  By noon it was closing in on 90 degrees with high humidity!!  However, it is never too hot on the Golf Course!!  After all, it is Sunday and we must follow with tradition...Bike Ride....Nancy goes to work and Bill plays GOLF!!  Hopefully, the work tradition will be a thing of the past soon!!

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  1. I must confess. I can relate to the convenient memory thing. I know I'm guilty of it, but not Gin. She has the memory of an elephant which means I'm doomed.