Getting the House Ready - Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over the last week we have been busy getting the house ready to put on the market.  We have a lot of cleaning & prep work that needs to be done, but, at least we have started.  On Sunday, Mother's Day, Nancy had to go to work at Home Depot - some mother's day gift!  I on the over hand enjoyed a round of golf in the morning.

After lunch I pressure washed the house & patio. It looks good, even if I say so myself.  The roses are blooming and the vegetable garden is growing.

Too bad you just can't pressure wash the inside as would be SOOOO much faster.

We have also packed up several boxes of photo albums, family pictures and Nancy's cross stitch pieces.  While we are really not keeping most stuff we cannot use in the RV, pictures are just one thing Nancy will not part with.....she'll pass them on, but will not throw them out. Fortunately for us, Julie & Steve are willing to store these treasures at their home in Raleigh.  I'm sure Brian & Cris would accomodate us as well.  Who knows, we may have plenty of stuff to go around, but I hope not!!

On a fun note, we ordered our blow-up Kayak, Model SE 370 from Sea Eagle and it arrived today.  I had to at least open the box.......

We will take it down to Murrells Inlet in the next couple of weeks to Christen her and take our maiden voyage.  We have to come up with a name for the kayak, so any suggestions would be welcomed.

The rest of the week will be filled with our fulltime jobs, so very little will get done around here as far as cleaning the house goes.  Nancy has to work everyday until next Tuesday.  I plan to pressure wash Nancy's Mom's House on Saturday.  Our plan (we both were in the military so you have to have a plan) to clean the house calls for both of us to attack (that's that military things again) one room at a time: moving furniture, cleaning window, walls & woodwork and getting the entire house ready for a "whole house" carpet cleaning.
We have realized that when we work as a teams, things get done.  It has always been that way for us in everything we've ever attempted.

We would like to sell the house furnished, but if that's not possible, we'll probably have a whole house sale.  We're leaning towards hiring a professional to handle that for us, but again, we're only in the planning stage.  Final plans to follow.

Nancy has also been downloading thousands of pictures from "zip" disks to our back-up hard drives.  The "zip" disks are old technology and the drives cannot be replace is something goes wrong. I'm just glad one of us can do that and that it is not me. 

Well, another week has passed which means we are a week closer to retirement & full-timing!!


  1. HI Dad,

    Another great post! I have a suggestion for the name of your kayak - "Bill and Nancy's Banana Boat." Take it or leave it - no problem!

  2. Well, all right!!
    We look forward to following your steps toward April 2011, Bill and Nancy.
    We so enjoyed our time with you in South Carolina at the rally and look forward to meeting again down the road.
    Hope you enjoy the Sea Eagle as much as we enjoy ours!
    Best of luck!
    Ken and Cindy

  3. Nancy and Bill,

    Thanks for the invite, we're following ya now. Check out our blog when you get a chance, we started it after the rally, too.

    Best Regards!

    Paul (the toilet paper holder guy) and Marti

  4. Bill & Nancy,
    I'm glad you included us in your announcement. Renea and I really enjoyed getting to know both of you at the rally. Ya'lls house is very attractive and I'm sure it will sell without a problem. We added you to our favorites in our RV blogs section so we can follow you. When & if ya'll get close to Monroe, La. give us a shout and we will try to meet you somewhere.
    Good Luck,
    Wayne & Renea Joiner

  5. Hey Nancy and Bill,
    Love the Blog. I just ordered the 370 too and Tim was going to talk to Howard about a Kayak Rally for Sea Eagles at the next RV-Dreams Rally. Now that would be fun. Haven't gotten a blog up yet. Guess I just have to sit down and do it. This one looks Great.

    Sherry B
    Currently in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia