Rv-Dreamers to the Rescue - Wednesday - June 6, 2012

Nancy here:  I know I have jumped ahead again.  Never finished with our time at Huntington Beach.  I promise to get back to that, but first we need to share our unbelievable lucky day.  I really think we live a charmed life:o)))

We woke up to torrential rains this morning. 

Our original plans had been to visit with our former neighbors, Ron and Thelma Thompson.  They lived next to us when we moved to SC in 1982.  Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for them, they got a cancelled cataract surgery slot for Ron.  They will be heading to Alaska to visit family soon and wanted to have the surgery over and done!!  We hope all goes well and we'll catch up with them on another swing through this area.

Plan B - we would go to Charleston, walk the Cooper River Bridge, then head to The Whole Foods Store to stock up:o))  Well, the walk the bridge idea was out, but we decided to go to the store once the rains let up.

About 1pm, the rain let up and we hopped in the car, turned the key and NADA -- NOTHING -- just a weak click...click...click :o((  I wasn't sure if it was the battery or the starter.  Another camper brought his car over and we tried to jump start it.  Again, no luck.  So, thank goodness for Coach Net :o))  They said they would send a tow truck, but needed to know where we wanted it towed...Uh Oh!!  The camp host was gone and there was no one here who knew the local area.  Nancy got online and found two auto repair facilities  close by.  I called both and got the best vibes from Pete Larsen Auto Repair.  Remember that name if you are ever in need of car service in the Charleston Area.  Pete was great and he is also an RVer!

Once I called Coach Net and told them where to tow the car, they said it would be a couple hours.  About 3pm, the tow truck arrived.

 Up It Goes!!

I Promise I'll Be Careful ;o))

Bye Bye ;o((

Oh Well....Watcha Gonna Do... 

Watch Out For Those SPEED BUMPS!!!!

As I watch our car being towed away,
 I wondered how I was going to pick it up when it got fixed?!?!

So for the next hour, I stewed about what was going on
and how it might all work out ;o((

About 4pm, a big Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel
 pulled into the site next to us.

As I walked past them on the way to see the Camp host to seek some help for my car predicament, I heard a shout, "Hey Bill, remember us???" 

It was James and Tonya Thompson!!
We had met them at the RV-Dreams Rally two years ago in Longs, SC. 

Just when we needed help the RV-Dreamers show-up!  Within minutes, I received a phone call from Pete that the car only needed a new battery and was ready to be picked up.  While James finished set-up, Tanya graciously took me down to pick up the car.  Nancy was busy fixing a Spaghetti dinner for all of us!  We enjoyed dinner together and catching up with them while we sat around the campfire after dinner.

Talk about a "Charmed" life...  The couple we originally were to see today was named Thompson and now, another couple named Thompson rescued us:o))  A unknown mechanic who happened to be an RVer fixed our car and an RV-Dreamer showed up to get us there!!!

Thanks again James and Tonya!!! 

We wish you the best and we'll see you "down the road!"


  1. Amazing! Small world moments are the best!

  2. That is almost spooky! Sometimes Lady Luck throws you a big bone, so enjoy it.

    We're leaving Disney tomorrow, heading for Irmo, then to Myrtle Beach for the week on Sunday (Pirateland CG).

  3. It's great how things have a way of working out. It's just amazing how with this lifestyle we can have friends all over the country and sometimes right next door. Glad it was only a battery!

  4. Tonja and James are great people! Funny how you guys met up with them unexpectedly in SC and us in FL! Ain't it grand?

  5. Man, I think you do lead a charmed life :)
    How lucky was that???

    Glad it was a minor fix. May all your troubles always be minor :)

  6. Charmed life indeed! Those small world moments are the best! Glad the rain finally let up too.

  7. Those RV Dreamers seem to be everywhere! What a good story and good outcome. By the way, we have not seen ANY rain since entering the Colorado Plateau a couple of months ago. Pretty dry here.

  8. I'll say you two do live a charmed life and you definitely deserve it!

  9. Thank your lucky stars you are blessed! It is so nice when good things happen and you are pulled to safety.

  10. That's so wonderful. I remember them, glad to see they're on the road. That was great timing. Hey, I figured a way to do the chicken and dumplings for the "clan".

  11. Life can sometimes give us an unexpected treat. This apparently was one of those special instances.

  12. Small world. With your good luck, I recommend you go out and buy a lottery ticket!

  13. Very nice. If you're ever in a similar bind and I'm close by I'll just let you guys zip over on my little scooter...but you can't KEEP it!

  14. Glad your vehicle problems worked out and what a terrific ending.

  15. Please send some rain to Arizona. Funny how things work out.