Back at Huntington Beach SP - Tuesday to Monday - May 29 to June 4

Today, we traveled from Huntington Beach SP to Buck Hall Recreation Area.  We will be here at Buck Hall for 5 days.  Just one major plan this week...meeting up with our former neighbors from when we lived in Tega Cay and Isle of Palm, SC.  Have not seen them in several years, so we are looking forward to that. Otherwise, we hope to just get a few things caught up and enjoy this wonderful camping spot along the intercoastal waterway.

First thing to get caught up is our blog;o))  We returned to Huntington Beach which we sort of call our "Home" campground.  It is close to Nancy's Mother so we can see her and help her with anything she needs.  We arrived late afternoon on Tuesday, May 29th.  I went to pick up our mail and that was about it for the day.

On Wednesday, we didn't go far as the remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl made for a very windy and rainy day.  Nancy did spend some time learning to use our new camera which was delivered while we were at Falls Lake.  My old camera, the "little" camera, went kaput.  Nancy has a great Nikon D3000, but we like to have a small camera to carry on our morning walks and during our bike rides.  We decided on this little Panasonic.

Panasonic DMC-ZS10

It has a 16X digital zoom and up to 33.8X with extended digital zoom...whatever that is?!?!  Nancy will figure it out eventually;o)  The one draw back, per Nancy, is NO viewfinder.  She said it is difficult in bright light to see the subject of the picture.  But for a second camera, that will fit in a pocket, it is perfect:o))

We headed down to the causeway when the wind and rain let up later in the afternoon.  Here are a few photos taken with this little camera...

Which One is Biggest!?!?!

The Biggest!!!

The Smaller "Talking" Alligator

A Woodstork Convention
These storks were several hundred yards across the marsh....
I think we are going to like this camera!!!

On Thursday, May 31st, Nancy took her mom out to lunch and then they ran a few errands.  I hung out at the motorhome doing what I do best...TINKERING;o)) Tomorrow is my day out....can you say GOLF!!


  1. Love hearing about you two doing what you like best. Want to see some more pictures of Buck Hall. I've tried to get in there several times. Always in winter of course and have never been able to.

    David had a Lumix - well make that 3 :-) - and really liked it. I just can't see anything in those LCD screens. Maybe Nancy can teach me how next time we meet up.

  2. That's a lot of storks. I guess they have to have a vacation from there know...delivering babies. :-)

  3. Loved the alligators! Hope you'll like the camera. It is difficult to see in bright sunlight. I just try to aim the best I can and take 3-4 shots hoping one of them turns out! :) The other problem I have is holding it steady enough when I'm really zooming in, but I'm getting better with practice :) All in all, I wouldn't give up my camera for anything :)

  4. Like the camera. I agree though, those LCD screens can be a bother. I use my phone, it has a great camera in it, but the same issue. Nice pictures of the gators :)

  5. Great gator photo! I love it when they "talk" :)

  6. Hmmm...the gators didn't "talk" when we were at Huntington. Perhaps that's because it was too chilly! Maybe they will "talk" during the CC2!!