All’s Well–Saturday–June16, 2012

Nancy here: 

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing great.  We haven’t fallen off the planet. We just have a terrible internet connection and we have been busy enjoying ourselves!! We are still at Kings Mountain State Park near Gaffney where we met up with Gin and Syl. We will move to Myrtle Beach State Park on Monday, June 18th. 

We arrived here on Saturday, June 9th. On Sunday, we visited and hiked at Kings Mountain National Park.  I would love to post a lot of photos, but that will have to wait for a better connection.  Just one to prove we were there and having fun;o))

We came to Kings Mountain to attend Camp Freightliner in Gaffney, SC with Gin and Syl. They purchased their new Journey just a few months before we did. So on Monday and Tuesday the four of us went to camp to learn everything you ever wanted to know about a Freightliner Chassis.  Let’s just say it was a unique experience ;o(( 

Wednesday, we just chilled. Our brains needed to recover and we practiced a couple things we learned at camp.

Bill finding and pulling the lanyards on the air tanks!!
Note that he had lots of coaches;o))

Thursday, we returned to Gaffney
to tour the Freightliner Factory,

enjoy some DQ,

get up close to a Freightliner Chassis

and check out the Gaffney water tower.

Now that’s a Peach!!

On Friday, Bill and I hiked the Farm Trail and we all gathered around a wonderful campfire Friday night:o)) 

Today, was a spectacular weather day!! We all hiked the Farm Trail again and spent some time learning about farm life during the early days.

Pie Anyone!?!?

This afternoon we are packing up and will be heading out in the morning for Lake Wateree SP for one night and then on to Myrtle Beach SP on Monday.  Our time here has flown by and we have had a blast with Gin and Syl.  We hate to leave, but we know we will see them again… Down the Road:o))


  1. Yup. That's a peach...or something :)

    We didn't even know we had lanyards to pull until Camp Freightliner! I still think that class should be over 4 days instead of 2. Too much information, too quickly. I'm still confused and it's been a year! :)

  2. Yikes...lots to learn about baby! So nice to have friends to do things with. :)

  3. I am still so surprised that none of you got kicked out of class. You absolutely positively must have been on your best behavior! Happy trails!

  4. It was a couple of long days in class, but those were the rainy days so we didn't miss out on much. As always, we've enjoyed our times together.
    That sure is one big "peachroid".
    Syl and Gin

  5. Now, how much of that stuff are you going to remember? There will be a test at the Carolina Clan gathering.

    Figures, we're at Myrtle Beach right now and are leaving Sunday (17th). We'll catch up with you one of these days.

  6. I am with Tricia- I thought for sure you would be kicked out of class for cutting up.

  7. What a good thing to do. We need to do a similar class sometime, only for a Newmar Workhorse chassis. Nice to have Gin and Syl with you.

  8. Truth be know two of the group came close to getting asked to leave;o)) Wonder which two!?!?!Let's just say it was a VERY long two days;o(((

  9. Sherri and I have been by the peach many a time when we lived in NC. It was on our way back to Texas which we ventured back to quite often.

  10. No list of all the fabulously important and useful things you learned?

    We know two people who won't be able to list anything but I would think the other two might be able to or at least tell us the details of what the delinquients did to almost get expelled. :-)

  11. Are those Blizzards in those DQ cups? One of our favorite treats!