Golf and Beach Walk - Friday - Jun 1, 2012

Yesterday, my good friend Bill made a tee time for us at 7:45 this morning.  I almost missed this chance to play because of a bad tooth.  I called him last night and canceled as I was experiencing a bad toothache.  I planned to head to the Dentist office first thing this morning.  However, when I woke up...the pain was gone.  So I called Bill hoping he hadn't cancelled the tee time yet.  Woo Hoo, he hadn't and we had a wonderful morning playing golf.

Nancy took the new camera on a major test drive this morning.  She walked the beach to the jetty and back.  However, she forgot that she doesn't usually walk to the the jetty from the campground.  We usually walked from the upper parking area which is 2 miles closer to the jetty.  So her 4 mile walk turned into an 8 mile walk ;o((  But she said it was worth it as the beach was covered with "Treasures" which she enjoyed photographing :o)) 

If you're not into beach "Treasures"... best stop reading now ;o))

Campground walkway to the beach

Nancy arrived at the beach just after sunrise.
However, someone had beat her there ;o((

Between tropical storm Beryl and full moon high tides,
the beach was covered with "Treasures!!"

When we lived in our Stix and Brix,
she would have been bringing these things home
to add to her collection:o(( 

But now,
 she just takes their pictures to add to her photo albums :o))

(click on any photo to enlarge)

This was a great find...

A toy solider defending all the Treasures!!!

How about a "Beached" watermelon ?!?!?!

By the time Nancy reached the jetty....
the wind had picked up and the ocean was getting rough.

Nancy walked to the end of the Jetty
looking for a Rudy Turnstone.
This is the only place she has ever seen one.
They love to be amongst the rocks!!

When she got back near the beach,
she found one on the beach!!
Aren't they a beautiful bird!?!?!

It was looking for 'Treasures' also;o))

Well, it had taken 2 1/2 hours for Nancy to walk the 4 miles to the jetty.  That was with the wind at here back.  She decided she needed to give up "Treasure Hunting" during the return trip or she would get caught in the high tide and a rough ocean ;o(( 

But before the new high tide washed them away,
she needed to check out the egg casings covering the beach!!

If you have ever wondered where all the pretty shells come from, they once belong to living creatures and were hatched from egg casings.  Here are a few she found on the beach today.

                Tulip Shell Egg Casing                                                      
Internet Picture of a Tulip Shell              

    Egg Sack with 4 baby Tulip Shells
Baby Tulip Shell                      

 Channel Whelk Egg Casing
Internet Picture of  a Channel Whelk Shell      
              Baby Channel Whelk Shell

                  Horse Conch Egg Casing
Internet Picture of Horse Conch Shell       
              Baby Horse Conch Shells 

So as you collect the shells,
be sure they no longer contain living creatures.

 This is NOT an egg casing!!!

It is a LIVE Horseshoe Crab burrowing in the sand.
Normally you only find their empty shells!!

 Making just a few stops on the walk back,
she made the return trip in about 1 1/2 hours.
So her walk to the jetty turned into a 5 hour, 8 mile adventure!!!

NOW ... Which Way Too Go ;o)))) 

Oh, by the way, the NEW camera works great:o)))


  1. Love the pictures! I have a collection of sea urchin shells that were collected over several years of after-storm beach combing. Treasures indeed!

  2. Great photos! Sherri and I love the beach.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. love love the beach! Thanks for taking us along with you!

  4. Great pictures- we also love early morning beach walks :)

  5. Great pictures...I'd say that new camera is working out well!

  6. Terrific pictures! Bill - I hope your tooth isn't hurting today!

  7. Wow how did you do those great pictures with no viewfinder Nancy. They are so sharp and clear. You have quite the knowledge of shells. Hoping we can meet up at the beach and I can take a class. I LOVE the beach but don't know much about its creatures and would love to learn. Really interesting pictures of the casings, the shell and the babies.

    I see folks "shelling" in the water in Florida and worry that they are taking live creatures not empty shells.

  8. Great pictures! Thanks for the beach walk "fix". There's not much ocean here in Colorado :) Glad you're liking the camera :)

    Bill, that tooth is not going to miraculously get better. Get to a dentist! The next time it acts up it'll be all night long. Experience speaking here :)

  9. I needed some beach time about now at work. Beautiful photos and I even learned what a Rudy Turnstone was plus enjoyed the egg casing photos. I will be sure to look for them next time I'm at the beach. Thanks for sharing and teaching me a couple of things. Enjoy the sand between your toes.

  10. Boy, that was a bounty of beach treasures! Thanks so much for sharing. That little toy soldier -- what a hoot!

  11. Great pictures of the beach and treasures, but I was looking forward to photos from the golf course:) How did you play Bill?