HOT...HOT...HOT!!! - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our time is up at Myrtle Beach State Park for this visit.  We traveled today to Sesquicentenial State Park in Columbia, SC. 

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We will be at Sesquicentenial for 3 days. We plan to see our son and his wife, visit Congaree National Park and check out the South Carolina State Farmers Market.  Our site is great, but we only have 30 amp service.  Wish it was more as the temperature climbs above 100 degrees;o((

We left Myrtle Beach State Park about 9am.
Going to miss this view!!

We crossed the intercoastal waterway.

We only stopped once during the 3 hours trip to Columbia.

We borrowed SPARKY'S parking lot for a quick pit stop;o))

Shortly after noon, we entered the state park.
This picture does not show how steep the roads are  in the park.

We arrived and got set up just in time for lunch!!

 Site 37

It was an easy travel day and the rest of the afternoon, we didn't do much but stay inside and try to stay cool.  Just before sunset, it had cooled enough to walk down to the lake and take the trash to the dumpster.

Pretty walkway around the lake

Nice view of the lake

Tomorrow, we hope to get out early
to enjoy a couple adventures before the REAL heat sets in!!


  1. What are we going to do when summer gets here???

    We toured the SQC SP and we listed the sites that we'd like. How come you're in our number one pick? ;c)

  2. We, too, have been staying inside and exercising that air conditioning! It's hot all over. Hope you can score a 50 amp site at your next stop.

  3. It's hotter than I thought it would be here in CO, but not that bad! Stay cool and drink your H2O.

  4. We three are inside in the AC. Can only go out before 9am and after 8pm or the sweat is more than we can take. Definitely looks like a great site you've got there. Does your AC not work well in a 30 amp site? We only have 30 amps and ours works great. Hope your heat backs off soon.

  5. I don't think it quite made it to 100* here but I sure am glad we have a 50 amp site! Stay cool.

  6. Nice site there too. Keep cool and relax!

  7. Last year we felt foolish for being in Texas. This year it does not matter- just hot everywhere. Stay cool!

  8. lol....y'all really ARE hot! You jumped ahead a whole month to JULY 28!! I always heard that the only thing between Columbia and hell is a screen door. : )))

  9. Keep cool as much as you can and drink drink drink! When it's this hot, I get caught up on my Kindle!

  10. It is hot here in Moab, too --- in the hundreds every day. We started setting our alarm clock so we could do everything we wanted to do before noon. Looks like you have a nice shady spot. Try to stay cool.