It's Raining--More Catchup - Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, the rains moved in last night. 
 They have been hanging around off the coast all week. 
Surfs Rising

So our dreary weather
has turned wet here at Hunting Island State Park. 
Into Every Life ;o)) 
Oh well,
it gives me the chance to do another catch-up blog. 
Mom's 90th Birthday Celebration has been posted. 
You can enjoy it by clicking HERE.


  1. That picture makes me shiver! But at the same time, isn't it beautiful!!! What a life!

  2. There is plenty to do inside when the weather turns nasty.

  3. There is never such a thing as a bad day at the beach! The rainy weather is kind of nice once in awhile!

  4. I remember the days at sea in conditions like that. I got queasy just looking at your picture...