The Carolina Clan Keeps Growing - Oct 30 to Nov 6, 2012

This is the Second Annual Carolina Clan photo!!
The clan has grown from 7 couples last year
to 20+ couples this year.
I attempted to get a photo of everyone with their rig.
I am sure I missed a few, but for the record, here we go.......

Rick and Gail
Bruce, Laura and Clem;o)
Gin and Syl

Dan and Tricia

Neil and Nancy
Jill and Paul

Mike and Terri

Lee (Thimble) and Martha
Steve and Evin
Jim and Dee
Hank and Selene
Gary and Peggy
John and Ginny
sorry, can't make this any larger ;o((

Miss two couple but went to the archive photos :o)
Ray and Kris (last years gathering)
Bill and Nancy (picking up Baby)
Bill and I have been the "List Keepers" for the gatherings.
This year we past the pen to our new Co-List Keepers....
Paul and Marti
George and Laurie
If you would like to join us next year,
same time - same place (I think),
contact either Co-List Keeper for details!!
Sorry to those I missed...send me a photo
and I will add it to the post:o))


  1. What great memories!
    I think I missed something though. What's with "thimble"???

  2. The week went by way to quickly! Sure was a lot of fun and laughter!!

  3. Thanks so much for these individual pictures so I can see all the folks I missed. I don't know, is 3rd time the charm????