Family Time - Part I - Tuesday, November 20 to Thursday, November 22, 2012

We arrived at Buck Hall Recreation Area near McClellanville on Tuesday, November 20th.  We are here so we can have dinner with Mom on Thanksgiving.  So glad we traveled on Tuesday and not Wednesday (the busiest travel day of the year)!!

We're on site 12,
which provides a great view of the waterway!!

We spent Wednesday just enjoying the busy travel day on the intercoastal waterway!! During the morning, we watch from the motorohome...

Then as the afternoon  warmed up,
we took our chairs down to the water.

 Bill did a little fishing and actually caught a whiting.
There were a couple other fisherman there as well;o))
All afternoon, the boats kept coming....
We didn't keep count,
but there had to be more than 50 boats!!!
We didn't mind being stuck in traffic;o)) 

On Thanksgiving, we went to Mom's for dinner.
Of course, you should "Eat Dessert First!!"
They always have a wonderful dinner
for the residents and their families!!
Turkey and Ham
All the trimmings!!! 
It was a great meal and a beautiful day:o)))


  1. It looks like a wonderful time and a wonderful meal.
    Did I notice a Sea Eagle behind that boat from Montreal??? You could have paddled out and joined them :)

  2. Look at all that pumpkin pie! My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner!

    Love the view from your site!

  3. Great day with your mom! And think how much greater it was because you didn't have to do any cooking! :c)

    Love boat watching, more fun than people watching. It's even more enjoyable because I'm not putting fuel in those things!

  4. Very cool being able to watch the boats go by. They all wave :) Glad you had a great thanksgiving too. Nancy, your hair looks great in that one picture!

  5. Great pictures of those 3 fishermen. Love your photography. Terrific one of your mom and the two of you as well. Looks like a spread where one could eat too much! Or is that just me???

  6. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and not cooking was icing on the cake! Love the boats...I could watch them all day!

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Nice picture of the three of you!

    Bruce and Laura