Time to Move On - Thursday - August 30, 2012

We love camping at Buck Hall Recreation Area in Awendaw, SC.  However, since Monday this has been our view and we are ready to find dry weather!!
We are very fortunate that Issac didn't come our way,
but it sure has sent the tropical weather to dampen things. 
Today, we hit the road and headed north to Myrtle Beach. 
When we crossed the bridge leaving Georgetown,
the rain stopped :o))
We had a dry drive all the way to Myrtle Beach State Park.
Our site, 313, is the same site we had last time we were here.
Since we arrived before the Labor Day Weekend,
the neighborhood is very quiet;o))
I'm sure that tomorrow evening
the scene will be very different....
Every site in the campground is booked for the weekend;o((
So today and tomorrow, we are going to get some errands done and then just let the tourists have the roads over the holiday.
After setting up and getting lunch, we headed to the produce stand, grocery store and stopped for haircuts on the way home.  It was dinnertime by the time we got back.  After dinner, we went for a walk..........
Yep, the fishing pier is still here...

Yep, the ocean is still here....

However, the ocean looked more like a lake!?!?

We watched a group of dolphins for a long  time!!
There had to be about 15 traveling together:o))
Unfortunately, we couldn't get a good photo;o((
Tomorrow, we need to run some errands for Nancy's mom and also stop at the DMV tax office to get some paperwork we need for the motorhome.  Once we finish our jobs, we plan to just chill and enjoy the beach until Tuesday when we move south to Huntington Beach State Park for a week or so!!!
Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day!!! 


  1. Hope you have a nice quiet Labor Day Weekend-just put in your earplugs and wait for Tuesday :) At least it's the last hurrah for the weekend warriors for awhile. Planning far ahead just to have a spot to stay in over a holiday doesn't fit well into my master plan :)

  2. Making the circle! The summer is winding down nicely.

  3. Oh those Ocean waves look beautiful. Batton down the hatches, the last big hurrah of the summer is coming your way! After that things should get back to a much nicer version of "normal".

  4. Hope the weekend crowd isn't too boisterous there at your park. Soon you'll have it back all to yourselves. . . the way we like it!

  5. Glad you'll be checking out Huntington SP in advance of the Carolina Clan gathering. Don't want any loose trees to drop in on anybody unexpectedly... ;c)

  6. Oh that looks beautiful! I do miss the ocean, even though we have loved the west we are looking forward to relaxing this winter on the gulf coast...kayaking and geocaching :-). Maybe we'll see you down there??

  7. That water is unusually calm. Cool to see all those dolphins at one time.

  8. You have a beautiful spot to enjoy or escape the holiday.

  9. It must have been cool to see all of those dolphins! Hope you had a nice Labor Day! Miss you guys!