New Favorite Holiday - Monday - September 3. 2012

Today is Labor Day...our New Favorite Holiday!!!  Today is the day that summer vacation time ends!!!  Today is the day we watch them all pack up and leave:o)) Today is the day the campgrounds and state parks take a big breath and let out a BIG SIGH;o)) 

We spent our time here at Myrtle Beach State Park with thousands of campers and beach goers.  There are over 300 sites and not one was empty and many had several families on the same site.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, campgrounds at the beach are booked solid, traffic is a nightmare and everybody is in a hurry to do everything ;o((

We spent our weekend getting errands done for ourselves and mom, riding bikes away from the beach, doing a little fishing at the FAR end of the beach and taking evening strolls when it wasn't SOOOO HOT!!  But basically, we were just waiting for the craziness to end.

Friday and Sunday morning, we were out early to beat the crowds and the heat.  Across the street from the State Park is a bike trail that winds though some quiet residential areas over toward the airport and Market Commons.

Only ones on the trail:o))

New Bike Lanes !!

Market Commons Shopping District

We really enjoy surf fishing.  We found that low tide works best for us.  This weekend, low tide was late in the afternoon.  Most of the beach goers have retreated and are preparing to get in the lines at one of the 1500 restaurants on the Grand Strand!!
Looks like we are all by ourselves...
we are if you just don't look in the opposite direction;o))

Nancy caught the first fish -- a whiting!

I was not going to be beat...
I caught spots...two at a time ;o))
Each evening we walked out on the Fishing Pier.

This photo was taken Sunday evening about 7:30.
The last HOORAH of Summer!!
Most will be leaving in the morning...HOORAY!!
Monday morning, Labor Day, we took off for our walk.  As we walked through the campground we could see folks packing up.  When we got back to the campground we saw the Great Exodus!!  The camp host said they had 187 of the 320 sites leaving today.  Well, with only one dump station, you can imagine the line that formed!!

There is only one way out and the dump is at the exit.
 Even people who didn't need to dump got stuck in line ;o((

When we got back to our site,
this was what we saw :o)))
This little Nuthatch seems to be saying...
Where'd they go!! 
 Don't know, don't care, just enjoying the solitude!!
Tomorrow, we will head south to Huntington Beach State Park for a week.  Until then we are going to enjoy the end of summer vacation here at Myrtle Beach State Park.


  1. Out of 82 sites we had 64 check out on Monday! Let the big clean-up begin!The couple weeks before that were on the quiet side, though, as kids here went back to school the second week of August. The sidewalks are definitely starting to roll up now. I hope the local businesses had a good enough summer to get through the winter. The one good thing about summer crowds is that it does bring in the dollars for local business.

  2. Hooo RAY!! But I do feel sorry for them the poor things. No more fun except week-ends now for almost another year. Keep those ocean pictures coming, PLEASE!!

  3. We've stayed at that Park too and you're right about that dump station. It's in a bad location at the exit and it's the only one for that huge park. Thankfully some of the sites are FHU.

  4. One other great plus is the fall season in the Carolina's. It is so beautiful this time of year. Enjoy!

    Bruce and Laura

  5. I remember hearing it called "Hoover Day", when a great big vaccum cleaner came and sucked out all the summer campers.

    No matter what it's called, it sure is a great time of year for us. ;c)

    1. Love this comment, Paul!! Now we just need Hoover to make a 'Weekend Warrior' model;o))

  6. Every year at this time, I would always get melancholy because it meant winter is coming, vacations are over...but no more!! Now it just means in 3 weeks we won't ever need to be in 'winter' again :-)

    Glad you are having a great time!

  7. Labor Day is our new favorite holiday too! Although I have to admit that I felt sorry for everyone that had to leave and get ready for the work week.

    Glad you were able to find some "alone time" amongst all the holiday weekenders.

  8. Yeah! Our favorite holiday too! Things will be so much calmer now :)
    Try to get rid of that HOT weather though, sometime in the next 6 weeks, OK? We are in Nashville and it's horrible :(

    1. Yep, we need Hoover to make a 'Hot Weather' model as well;o))

  9. We love Labor Day, too! It is so pleasant to enjoy (M-F) the parks without the crowds. Enjoy!

  10. Yeegads - that line to the dump station (and to exit) was horrible! So so glad that we weren't in it! ;-)
    Have fun on 109 - great memories from our 30 day stay there!

  11. We totally nice once the busy summer months are over! travels!