Settled In At Buck Hall – Wednesday – August 22, 2012

Nancy has been a little under the weather the last few days. Her eyes have been giving her fits. She says they are itching and continuously getting goopy… it’s not pink eye!! We don’t know if it’s a cold, the pollen, or the fact that we have been packing up and moving on an almost daily basis. We’ve picked up a couple of different eye drops and finally today she is feeling a little better. Yeah!

We moved to site 14 on Monday and we will not have to move again until the 30th – YIPEEE! The rain stopped early this morning and we watched them mow the was really, really high!!!  Afterwards we were able to set up our screen room.

With only 14 RV sites at Buck Hall it is a very peaceful and quiet campground. I am told the only time that it’s not is during Shrimp Season (mid Sept to mid Oct) when country music rings out loud and long after a full day of shrimping. Anyway, we love the quiet. Our site faces the inter-coastal waterway where we enjoy watching the ships, boats and birds travel up and down the waterway.


The lots are large, paved, and level with 50 amp electrical hookups and water. Not many trees for shade, but, it’s hard to argue about that at $10/night. We have been here before and it’s a great place for relaxing. We can get quite a bit of walking and cycling in without any traffic issues. Also we hope to put the Sea Eagle in at the huge boat landing. You really have to work the tides correctly and Nancy hasn’t been up for that yet.  However, we will before we leave here!

The only negative is that the closest grocery shopping is about 20 miles away so stocking up before we get here is a must. We still will make one additional trip to the store… there’s a Whole Foods Store and Trader Joes in Mt. Pleasant ;0))

Our good friend, Bill, drove down from Murrells Inlet and we swapped tales, stories and got caught up with each others lives.

What a nice way to spend the day...
good weather,
nice view, 
great company
a “BIG” salad for dinner.
Hard to beat all that!


  1. So sorry to hear you're under the weather Nancy. It sounds a lot like allergies. My eyes do that in the Spring during pollen season. Hope you're back to normal soon!

  2. Take it easy, and feel better soon Nancy!

  3. Yup, sounds like pre-fall allergies to me. Ragweed season..up here we can't wait until the first frost to kill off the pollen :)
    Love your site..lots of room!

  4. Nancy, if you do not normally have allergies it could be Sjogren's Syndrome. I had a stretch of similar symptoms and was diagnosed with it. It is an auto-immune disease and I have found that certain prescriptions made mine worse.

  5. Hope you are up and around soon, Nancy! Buck Hall is a nice place to rejuvenate!

  6. Buck Hall looks nice. I'm assuming it's in South Carolina?? Near Charleston?