Camping With Friends–Thursday to Monday–August 2-6, 2012

Thursday, August 2

We waved goodbye to Table Rock State Park
 near Pickens, SC and drove 190 miles to
Arrowhead COE Campground
in the Uwharrie NF near Troy, NC.

Our trip was along Hwy 11, also called the Cherokee Scenic Highway. It is a wonderful road with very little traffic. We traveled through small towns and peach orchard after peach orchard!! As we got closer to I-85, we made our first stop at Cowpens Battlefield National Park.

It is a small, but lovely, national park. We took some time to explore the visitor center and watch the movie about the Battle at Cowpens.
But it was just too hot to tour the battlefield.

After our little break, we hopped on I-85 north and had an uneventful and very pleasant trip until the last 3 miles. Baby had a sparkling shine on her until we hit the dirt and rock road into the campground….YUK!!

When we got to the campground,
the road changed back to a paved road:o))

The campground was very empty, but appeared very nice. We found out why it was so empty. When we got to our site, we could not get level. Finally, we moved to a site that was not quite so unlevel.   
But still we had a major tilt from back to front!!

Within minutes of getting set-up, Bruce and Laura Raber, RV-Dreams and Carolina Clan friends, pulled in and got set up on a site near us.
Their site ran a little downhill also;o((

We spent the rest of the day, visiting and getting caught up with each other. It is so nice to see them again!!

Friday, August 3

We decided today would be the best day to take the Sea Eagle Kayaks out on Badin Lake. We wanted to avoid the weekend madness that usually takes place on the lakes. We took our time getting ready, pack some lunch and drove down to the boat launch.

Once we were ready to leave,
Bruce and Laura felt compelled to check
that everything was “headed in the right direction!!”
This photo is for our Carolina Clan friends;o))

We got launched with a little help from
some of the people fishing at the dock.
Thanks guys!!

Then Bruce and Laura led the way
out into this beautiful lake.

We spent about 3 hour cruising along the coastline and into the coves. The osprey were circling overhead.

We saw some pretty things along the coastline.

Lovely Hibiscus

Great Blue Heron

Beautiful Views

As we paddled into the next cove,
we found a great spot for lunch.

While we were stretching our legs and eating our lunch, a pontoon boat pulled in. They were loaded with people and gear. They were going to camp at this spot until Monday or Tuesday!! We had fun kidding and joking with them. As we left, they told us to be sure to come back for coffee in the morning;o))

As the temperature rose, we headed back toward the launch. We had the wind at our backs and just floated along, enjoying each others company and the beautiful views!!

After dinner, we got together for more laughs and to make a plan for tomorrow. Well, we decided we saw the lake by kayak, why not a hike along the lakeside!!!

Saturday, August 4

Here’s the plan…
Hike trail 94 – Badin Lake Trail

(click to enlarge)

We can access and exit the trail at Arrowhead Campground, hike through the woods and along the Badin Lake for a total of 5.6 miles!!!

Bruce and Laura joining us at the trailhead.

This trailhead is right between our two sites:o))

This is part of the paved trail system that runs throughout Arrowhead campground. It will get us to the Badin Lake Trail. We decided to go in the direction that takes us through the woods first.

All present and accounted for;o))
Just follow the WHITE blazes!!!

We hike for about 1 1/2 miles
before we got close to the lake.

Then we followed the trail along the lake.

Spectacular Views!!

At about 4 miles, we came to Badin Lake Campground. This is a primitive, no hookups campground, but had nice sites. We snatched one and enjoyed our lunch:o))

After lunch, Nancy found this great rock
recreated the Table Rock Summit photo;o))
Not quite the same effect at 3’ of elevation;o(
We continued along the lake
enjoying the company and beautiful views!!

This photo of Arrowhead Campground Boat Launch
was taken where Trail 94 and 703 meet.

We should have had less than a half mile walk to the campground along the shore. Somehow, we loss the shoreline and followed trail 703 into the woods. Our 5.6 mile hike turned into an 8 mile hike;o(( Oh well, just more time to spend with great people!!

When we got back, we headed to our respective sites to rest up and get out of the afternoon heat. Bill and I reluctantly traveled the dirt roads out of here to go the the grocery store in Troy, SC.

This photo is for our son, Brian.
Hope you are proud of Mom and Dad;o)))

On our way back,
we saw these folks enjoying the day 
on horseback in the national forest.

After dinner,
Laura and Bruce came over for a little while.
We sat outside around the campfire!!!

Yes, it was 85 degrees,
but hey you have to have a campfire…right!?!?!
We were all exhausted and made it an early evening.

Sunday, August 5

Today was sort of a chill day. We visited each other, Nancy and Laura watch a DVD, we took a short walk around the campground, watched some Olympics and ended the day with a fun game of Sequence. We found it is nice to hang out and not have a plan at times!!

Monday, August 6

Wow, the weekend went by fast. Bruce and Laura had to leave today. After hugs and a see you at the Carolina Clan reunion, they headed back to their home. Tomorrow is a work day for them;o((

But it won’t be too long before they are out here with the rest of us full-timers forgetting what day of the week it is!!!

Thanks Bruce and Laura for a great weekend!!!

Safe Travels and Happy Trails...


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! You all should have come up here was much cooler! :)

  2. Thanks for the great time! Alot of laughs and great company! Looking forward to the Carolina Reunion in the fall...

    Bruce and Laura

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. Had to laugh at your 5.6 mile hike turning into an 8 mile hike. SO easy to do. Who was the photographer on that hiking photo of the 4 of you or did you find a perfectly level log at just the right height?? :-))

  4. How nice to be able to spend time with Bruce & Laura (our mentors!). Looks like you had a nice time on the lake & hiking. We can't wait to see all of you in SC :)

  5. Yes, there are a few occasions when a campfire is appropriate even when it's hot outside. This was one of them. Looking forward to seeing you all in SC!

  6. Looks like it was a great time with great friends! Impromptu times are the best; no plans at all!