Family Fun At Falls Lake - Wed to Sun - August 8-12, 2012

Nancy here:
This blog is out of sequence due to circumstances beyond our control;o))  But we sure had a great time with the kids and we wanted to have a record of it on our blog.  Hope you enjoy the photos...we had a great time!!!

We spent four fun days at Rolling View Campground at Falls Lake Recreation Area in Durham, North Carolina. It was the maiden voyage for our daughter Julie and her family in their 'new-to-them' 2001 Coachmen Santara.

She asked us to help them learn the ropes and teach them how to set up and hook up as well as how to use the different systems. 

We had side by side sites and created the "Compound!"

Yep, we even had a pool;o))

We did have quite a bit of rain,
but it didn't dampen the fun:o))

The kids figured out how to have fun even in the rain.

This is the Pre-Bedtime video time.
The girls will sleep on the bunk in front of the TV.
The boys already know how to make the
sofa and dinette into their beds!!

Mom has put up the clothes line.
Did we mentioned we had a lot of rain;o((

Fortunately, we both have screen rooms
where we ate meals and played games.

It kept our heads dry, but not our feet.

We had the best sites in the campground.
However, they were at the bottom of a hill.
With all the rain, Bill had to dig a mote to
move the water around the table;o))

We enjoyed meals together.

Nancy and Julie teamed up to make goodies.

cupcakes and ice cream
to celebrate Andrew's 12th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

When it wasn't raining,
we played at The ROCK!!

Heading down the path to The Rock:o))

The Sexton Gang enjoying the lake!!

Water Pistols for all...Get Grandpop!!

Samantha teaching Grandpop how to float;o))

Emily on the rock!

Andrew and Daniel trying to skim rocks!!
Watch out Samantha!!

Julie and Steve in sync....

Andrew and Steve paddling together.

Daniel paddling his own boat;o))

Everyone having a great time!!

When we weren't in the lake
and it wasn't raining,

Ladderball was the game of choice!!

Check out Samantha's form!!

When it was raining,
we headed to the game tent.


The Yahtzee Champs!!

Fortunately, the weather behaved a couple of nights
so we could have a campfire:o))

Of course, you have to have SMORES!!!

What a great way to spend family time:o)) 

I'm sure we will be camping buddies again:o)))


  1. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Very nice that you can make lots of memories for them :)

  2. what neat memories you all are making!

  3. That is so awesome! Camping together with the grands in their own motorhome. That should encourage them to get out and meet up with you even more.

    Loved the picture of the grands playing inside during the rain and out the window and in the background is Bill standing in the rain? What did he do to get banished outside during the storm?

    1. Since he already dug the moat, he probably was trying to start a fire ;o)))

  4. Oh what fun you all had!! Great memories!!

  5. What an absolutely wonderful experience, especially for the kids! They will remember this forever.

  6. Good times with the family. You are giving those kids some great memories.

  7. This is just a wonderful post. I can sure sure why being grandparents is something you love. Great pictures of a great time!

  8. Way to go Julie and Steve! I know that family time is very precious. RVing with the family is one of the activities there is!

  9. Camping is one of the best family activities! Looks like you made great memories!

  10. What great memories were made! Welcome to RV'ing Julie and Steve!

    Bruce and Laura

  11. Great times with family...looks like you all had a wonderful time!