A Great Day for Golf–Sunday–April 29, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park
South Carolina, Site 109

I played golf today with a good friend and it’s the first round I’ve played since we left for Florida – six weeks ago.  I had no expectations as to how good or bad I was going to play.  Today, the weather was fantastic – 80 degrees, sunny with a little breeze!!

When I was playing regularly, I would shoot in the high 70’s or low to mid 80’s.  So you can imagine my thrill when I shot a 72!!  I have to confess… the group in front of us was so slow we ended up skipping the 13th hole and going around them just to finish in less than 5 hours.  As Howard Payne would say, “Sheesh!”  But even giving myself a bogey on the skipped hole, I would have scored a 77:o))))  So my secret to playing good golf is to play less.  With our full-time lifestyle, that should not be a problem!!

Nancy spent the day strolling the beach with camera in tow. 

Beach Treasures

Turtle Egg

Eyeball Shell ;o))

Female Red-breasted Merganser swimming at the Jetty

Near the Jetty is a habitat area for Least Terns

Sure enough, they were there!! 

All toll, she walked about 6 miles… this, after we both rode bikes a little over 17 miles this morning!  But this is what we LOVE to do:o))

Morning Bike Route to Sandy Island Canal

Leaving the Campground

Sunrise Over the Salt Marsh

Birds Waking Up

Sandy Island Canal

Tomorrow will probably be a chill day. But today was another great day in retirement – biking, hiking and golf.  That ‘s hard to beat!! OK, OK, if we had kayaked maybe that would beat it.  However, I need 9+ hours of beauty sleep so that only leaves 15 hours to get everything else done.  No wonder we get TIRED;o)))


  1. No wonder, indeed! I even get tired reading about it all :) Sure wish I had your energy though! I'd be thin too :)

  2. Eatin' my heart out! Well not about the golf actually. This is at Huntington Beach? Not at Cedar Point right??

  3. Maybe you should be personal trainers! I think I could do all that, but not before sunrise!

  4. Hmmmm.. I have not played in about 10 years. Maybe I will break out my mom's sticks and give it a try when we are in Deming.