Fishing, Family & Friends - Saturday - April 28, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park
South Carolina, Site 109

We woke to a beautiful day and headed back to the beach.  The wind and surf were much milder than yesterday.  I got both rods set up and we sat back and enjoyed the view!! 

We didn't wait long and I caught my first one:o))

It was going to be a good fishing day!!

Even our FOUR Pelicans came to watch;o))

After that first fish, we waited and waited and waited....

Finally, I caught a BIG wad of seaweed ;o((

Nancy pointed out, we could have GREENS for dinner ;o))

While we didn't catch much, it was a great morning at the BEACH!!

After lunch, we got ready for a cookout with Elsie (Nancy's Mom)
and our good friends Chris and Bill.

Chris and Elsie enjoying the day!

We had a nice campfire dinner.
Of course, it wouldn't be complete without


  1. What could be better than the beach, family and friends!?!!! Sounds like a perfect day. Good picture of the 4 pelicans! Will have to get one of the people pelicans at the CC2 meeting. ;-)

  2. Hmmm Bill was this a dinner like the loaves and fishes story??? That was a pretty small fish for 5. Oh I forgot, it was a greens dinner. :-)

  3. That seaweed looks like one of my "catches"

  4. Sherry stole my line about the fish :-). Looks like you had a great day.

  5. Fish stories or not, I'd still prefer the fish to the "greens" :)

  6. That is one whopper of a catch! How many people did it feed?

    Cool audience of pelicans...maybe they are the source of all the lack of fish?