Finally… The Beach–Friday–April 27, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park
South Carolina, Site 109

Finally, the weather warmed up enough to give the beach a try.  While warmer, it was still really windy.

I wanted to try surf fishing. The surf was really strong and getting the weights to hold was not going real well.
  01 - Bill Fishing_thumb[2]
I was up to 5 ounce weights and still they wouldn’t hold.  Combined that with tons of seaweed and finally, I just brought the lines in, found my chair and enjoyed the view:o))

Nancy had headed toward the Jetty to see what she could find along the way. 

Looking toward the Oceanside of the Jetty05 - The Jetty_thumb[2]

The Jetty is doing its job…breaking the waves!!05b - The Jetty - crashing waves_thumb[2]
Last year, a large sailboat had crashed into the jetty.
The mast is gone, but the boat is still submerged here.
06 - Remains of Sunken Sailboat_thumb[2]

Looking toward the beach from the end of the jetty.07 - View towards Inlet from the end of jetty_thumb[2]

As Nancy walked back toward the beach,
 she met this long fellow sunny itself on the jetty;o((04 - Snake on the Jetty_thumb[2]
This was a 6-7 foot long snake with strange coloring.  We checked with the rangers at the Nature Center and they could not identify it. Nancy looked online and the closest thing she could find was an Eastern Coachwhip Snake.  Like most snakes, as soon as it sense someone was around, it made an exit back into the jetty rocks;o)))

Heading back down the beach,
she got some photos of the very skittish
Sand Crab. 
 02a-Sand Crab_thumb[2]
Normally, they disappear into the tunnels they dig in the sand. 
this one held its ground!!!
02b-Sand Crab_thumb[2]

A Rose on the beach!?!? Beautiful, but very out of place!!!03-Rose_thumb[2]

Once she got back, we called it a day and headed back to the motorhome.  Maybe tomorrow the winds will die down and the fishing will improve.

After dinner, I got the campfire going.  Brian and Chris had given us a Pie Iron as a ‘house’ warming gift:o))  So we put some Sugar-free Cherry Pie filling between two pieces of whole wheat bread  and gave it a test drive.
08 - Trying the Pie Iron_thumb[3]
The Pie Iron is cast iron and very heavy.
You need to rest it on a log in order to hold it over the fire. 

Looking Good!!
 08b - Trying the Pie Iron-looking good_thumb[2]08c - Trying the Pie Iron-looking better_thumb[2]

Too hot to pick up with your fingers!!08d - Trying the Pie Iron-taste taster_thumb[3]
Yep, we have a winner!! 
Next time, we might try peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows…
Smores Pie;o))

This fellow wanted to know where his pie was?!?!09 - Racoon at our campsite_thumb[2]


  1. Nothing like a day at the beach! I kind of like watching the waves on a windy day (sorry about the fishing). Snakes! I hate snakes --- especially if they surprise me. We need one of those pie irons!

  2. I have always wanted to try a pie iron! Looks yummy but anything cooked over a campfire (or outside!) is good! I loved seeing the raccoons at HB!

  3. We have used the pie irons before too. Apple pie filling is good too!

  4. A great day on the beach even if the fishing wasn't good. Can't beat it.

    Great picture of the crab...reminds me of my old boss! ;c)

  5. What a fabulous picture of that crab Nancy! He looks huge! Any day, every day, at the beach is a great one. Lucky you to have it in your front yard. Or is it your back yard???

  6. I'm surprised that any of that sailboat is still left. That crab looks mad!
    Smores pie...mmm good!

  7. Love the Crab picture. I thought of Mr. Crabs on Spongebob Squarepants as soon as I saw it! Good luck on the surf fishing/