Getting Things Done–Tuesday & Wednesday–May 1 & 2, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park
South Carolina, Site 109

Tuesday, May 1st

Nancy here:  Today my mother had an eye doctor appointment at 2:30. I drive her to this appointment since it is out of her driving comfort zone. I suggested we go out for Chinese food for lunch.  She thought that was a great idea.  I will get my Chinese food fix so that will make me happy as well. Bill will not touch the stuff;o((

In the morning we just chilled.  I needed to let my blisters heal.  So no walking today;o((  Of course, Bill did what all full-timers do when they have nothing else to do… 

Rearrange The Storage Compartments;o))

I suggested that since he never seems to get it right… He might just make it a game called Musical Storage Bins!!  We will start the music. He picks up a bin and circles the motorhome.  When the music stops, the bin goes in THAT compartment.  Since the bin he needs is never in the right spot anyway, this game would be a lot more fun and might just be the perfect solution.  If it isn’t right, you get to play the game over and over….which is what he does anyway.  Now he can think of it as playing instead of work ;o))

While he was PLAYING (rearranging), I enjoyed the cool things right outside our door.  Didn't have to walk very far to see all these cool things :o))

Red Admiral Butterfly
They were all over this wonderfully fragrant shrub. 
If you know what this shrub is... please share!!

American Lady Butterfly


Carolina Chickadee

Blue Jays
These birds are fun to watch.  They can't perch at the feeder. But where there is a will, there is a way. Instead, they fly into it, knock the seed on the ground and ENJOY ;o))

Pretty Wildflowers

Fiddler Crab
Normally, they live in the salt marsh.
This fellow has staked a claim behind the motorhome ;o))

Wednesday, May 2nd

Today was an errand day. An Nancy would say... we were "busy, busy, busy!!" We have planned a kayak trip for tomorrow, so today was a get things done day. We are leaving here on Friday morning and all the necessary preparation for leaving took place today.

After walking and breakfast, we loaded up the Tahoe with laundry and headed out to the local laundromat. On our way, we stopped at Lee's Farmers market where we bought a supply of sandwich tomatoes, corn on the cob, string beans and "white" sweet potatoes.  We had never heard of white sweet potatoes.  But the owner said they taste great and are very light yellow in color. Nancy wants to try to make chips out of them:o)

Next stop was to pick up our Zero Gravity Chairs we had ordered last week. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting in my chair as I write this blog.

Finally, on to the laundromat. Nancy dropped me off and continued on to the grocery store.  I was just about finished folding the wash when she pulled up...GOOD THING;o))

Just a couple more errands - get Mother's Day Cards, buy more herb plants and bird seed.

Remember how we told you the Blue Jays access the seed by flying into the feeder to knock the seed to the ground?!?!  Well, just before we left this morning, this is what happened...

Uh Oh...Where's the feeder??

Uh Oh..., we think they hit it a little too hard!!
Fortunately, we have another feeder,
but that was the last of the seed ;o(

With all our errands done, we headed home and unloaded our goodies and clean laundry. When we put the laundry away, we realized some of the socks were not really dry.  Not to worry... this new Journey comes with everything we need. 

Our own personal Sock Dryer!!

We are both glad these "work" days are few and far between. Now, my next project is to learn how to operate our new Anti Gravity Chairs. That could take the rest of the day and most of the evening. I really need to get a lot of practice ;o))


  1. Those chairs will sure stand out in a campground! You'd be right at home at a NASCAR race :) Love them!!

  2. Funny as I read your blog, Dan was re-re-re-re-re-organizing the storage compartment too! :-)
    We really liked Lee's Produce! I'm all for air-dryig clothes. ;-)

  3. Nancy, that was too funny!!! Didn't know you came up with a cure for OCSCRD (Obsessive Compulsive Storage Compartment Reorganizing Disorder). ;c)

  4. WOW those are some chairs! Can't wait to see them in person. Love that picture of Bill and the bins. And Paul's diagnosis!! No way could I get David to "reorganize" anything even when he felt up to it. Shove it in where it will fit is his plan.

  5. Never knew that about blue jays. Love the bird pics :)

  6. You will organize those compartments quite a few times in the first six months. Then you will just kind of give up and live with it:)

  7. Comfortable chairs need to be broken in. Practice the right angles. The basement will be redone several times before you get it just right.

  8. Always enjoy reading your blog! We have started a blog also - our son, Scott gave us the tittle - feel free to check it out. It will be a work in progress once we get past selling all our stuff. For now it is a place for a beginner! I so enjoyed reading your post about the Carolina Clan and have spoken to Gail about it. If we can make it work, may we join you...before you answer know that we have only kayaked one time so far. However, we did love it! With the exception of my sore arms. We intend to purchase a Sea Eagle once we are in the RV full-time. Our email is - would love information on the gathering. We need to be out of Thousand Trail on the last weekend in October, so we will need to go somewhere! Have a great day!

  9. Nothing better than reorganizing the bays! You have to get your stuff where you can find it! How fulfilled Bill must feel :-). Life is good.