A Day of Rest… Yeah Right! - Monday - April 30, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park
South Carolina, Site 109

Today we decided not to do a fast walk and give our legs a rest from yesterday.  Of course, Nancy has to be out at sunrise and headed down to check out the Causeway. I on the other-hand checked out a second cup of coffee!!

Just before she reached the Causeway,
she spotted her first Painted Bunting of the year!!

Breakfast Time at the Causeway

(Remember to click on any Photo to enlarge it)

Mr. Pelican found his 'Table for One'

Wasn't long before he had some uninvited guests!! 

Finally, they had come a bit to close...
He let them know it was time to BACK OFF!!!

Got the Snowy Egrets attention;o)

While they jockey for position,
this Great Blue Heron got the Breakfast of Champions...
EEL anyone!!

When Nancy got back, we had breakfast (no is wasn't EEL) and then decided to explore the Sandpiper Pond Nature trail. The trail is right out our door, which is across from the Nature Center.  Did I mention that we love this site??


(Remember to click on any Photo to enlarge it)

Is this man a hiker in golf clothes
a golfer in hiking sneakers?!?!?!

Along the trail, there are 3 nice viewing platforms.

We were greeted by this cute Gecko!
Did you know there are 1500 species of Geckos,
not including the one that sells insurance;o))

Sandpiper Pond

We saw this pretty Red-winged Blackbird.

All along the trail were the coolest Live Oaks.
Smaller than normal due to the coastal habitat,
but really interesting to walk through!!

Second Painted Bunting sighting of the day ;o))
Not bad, but wish we could get closer.

Sandpiper Pond was severely impacted by local construction and
 Hurricane Hugo during the 80's.  There is a Restoration Project
 in the works to restore tidal flow to the pond. 

With the lack of tidal flow, a non-native plant - Phragmites (the purple grass in the picture) has taken over and choked out native plants and stopped the flow of water.  If the restoration project is a success, Sandpiper Pond should be return to its former self :o))

Bill and Nancy enjoying the view!

Once we reach the end of the Sandpiper Nature Trail,
we were at the north beach access. 

So we took a short stroll down the beach
wound up behind the office/store at the Kerrigan Nature Trail.

This is a much shorter trail that leads to the water along the Causeway.  That is where we saw the fawn and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of it with Mama.

Which way should we go?!?!?

Well we finally made it to the water,
but no sign of Bambi ;o((


we had our 3rd Painted Bunting sighting for the day!!!

By the time we got back to the motorhome for lunch, we wound up walking about 5 miles;o))  I think Nancy actually got a blister on one of her toes from all the walking she does;o(( After lunch, Nancy took a power nap while I relaxed with a Sudoku book.  I also looked up some of the Geocaches that were on the bike trail.  Later in the afternoon, I went bicycle geocaching while Nancy worked on the trying to get the blog caught up.

I found 5 out of 7 caches and tried to get photos of them. 

I said tried as my small pocket camera kept shutting off.  It has been giving us fits for weeks.  We’ve swapped batteries a number of times hopping that would help.  It hasn’t! I think it’s time we probably invest in another pocket size camera that I am allowed to use;o)) Never could get a photo of the 5th geocache, but did snap this cool Box Turtle:o)

After dinner, we took the bikes for a short 6-7 mile ride around the park and campground. 

So much for a Day of Rest  --  Not!!


  1. That sure looks like an awesome place to be. Great pictures, as usual :)
    I think I would have gotten to the beach and stayed for awhile though :)

    Happy (belated) Mother's Day, Nancy!

  2. Very cool that you saw 3 of the Painted Buntings. They are on my "gee I sure would like to see this bird" list! ;-)

  3. Hmmm I think that painted bunting was just following you around. But I did recognize the yellow shirted golfer trying to mascarade as a hiker.

    Nancy those water bird pictures are just fabulous! I have always wanted to look down the mouth of a pelican. Thanks!!

  4. Such beautiful shots of everything. Nice to see the both of you in a shot as well!

  5. So nice to see you've gotten the full time life right this time and slowed down to enjoy the sights and smell the flowers.

    In fact you've slowed down so much you haven't made it to May along with the rest of us! ;c)

  6. Love the painted buntings. We saw our first ones last year at Carlsbad. Great hike -thanks for taking us along.

  7. Beautiful photos of the birds! Looks like we might have to go geocaching on the bike path next time we get down there.