A Visit with RV Dreamers - Thursday - November 10, 2011

This week we had a pleasant surprise when Lee and Martha, blog name Beach Lovers, called and said they were stopping in Myrtle Beach on their way home to the Wilmington area and wanted to get together with us.

Nancy here: This photo is from their blog…Bill took the photos and
never took one of them together ;o((

Lee and Martha were going to be staying at Huntington Beach State Park. The park is only about 10 miles from us so naturally we made arrangements to get together.

I drove down to Huntington just after 2 PM. As I was pulling in I saw a 36 foot Cambridge Cameo coming in at the same time so I knew that had to be them. I watched Lee professionally back the fifth wheel in (of course with Martha’s help) and within minutes they were set up.
 01 - Back in02 - Set up

Nancy had to work until 6 PM so we came up with a game plan for dinner – we’ll stop at Subway and pick up hoagies and then go to our house and eat them when Nancy gets home from work. That way she can spend a little time visiting with them.

We swapped stories and had lots of laughs including reliving Lee’s family feud “thimble” answer to the question, “What do RVers save?” I’m sure Lee will never live that one down (I won’t let him).

We first met each other at the RV Dreams rally in Longs, SC and got together again at the Tennessee RV Dreams rally this year. After the rally, they headed to Texas to work-camp. They have been on the road for 8 or 9 months and are ready to spend some quality time with their family over Thanksgiving and Christmas. They told us that they are going to work-camp in Maine starting in May and are really looking forward to that.

As expected, we had a fantastic time visiting with them and hope to see them as we travel. Lee and Martha fit the perfect RV Dreamer mold – fun, friendly, ready for a good time and enjoying the RV lifestyle. We’re glad to call them our friends:o))

As all good things must come to an end, our time together was over in a flash. We wished them well as they pulled out of our driveway in route back to the campground for the night. What a pleasant surprise! Good Luck to them in their future travels.

Nancy here:  I so enjoyed catching up with Lee and Martha.  One funny note, the next morning on my way to work, I saw Lee and Martha stopped at the same light I seem to see all the RV-Dreamers that pass through Murrells Inlet.  Not sure they saw me, but if you pass through the light at Home Depot in Murrells Inlet, be sure to wave:o))


  1. What fun! I actually new you were meeting up with them...a little birdie told me :)

    I am so glad Martha started writing her blog! I am so looking forward to their Maine escapades next year.

  2. You are in the perfect place to spot us all at your home depot post. And the perfect place for us to visit you so close to Huntington Beach SP. BUT............I want you on the road WITH us. Visualize SOLD!!! :-)))

  3. You guys are so lucky. Seems like ALL Dreamers pass through Murrells Inlet :)

  4. Do I have to take a number to be able to get a turn and come visit y'all?

  5. We'll be passing by the Home Depot in a few weeks and will be looking for you! Glad you guys got together with Lee and Martha. Good times for sure.

  6. We had a great time. I haven't been able to post a blog. A few computer problems. Hope to see you again soon on the road.

  7. We too will be passing through to go to Huntington Beach for Christmas. We'll definitely be looking for you!

    Bruce and Laura