A New Plan - Wednesday - November 2, 2011

What if we don’t sell the house soon?

Yesterday, I did some contract work for my former employer in Fayetteville, NC. I was on the road by 5 AM and Nancy was already up even though she didn’t have to work at Home Depot. Yeah, I guess you could say she’s an early riser.

As luck would have it, Nancy received a phone call from our house showing service that a realtor with prospective buyers wanted to see our home today at noon. Great – another showing!

As is the standard procedure, we get feedback within 24 hours with their comments about the house. When we first listed the house, we paid quite a bit of attention to the comments they would leave. However, the comments all seemed the same – “beautiful, nicest house we’ve seen, excellent condition, price right, etc.” Yada Yada... We have never received even one offer !?!?!

Yesterday the comments were the same except for one. They said the house was overpriced by $4000. Give me a break! Go ahead and offer us 4K less and see how fast we can make this their home!! You’ve got to be kidding - $4000 high?

Well, perhaps we have to start thinking of another way to start full-timing.  We accidently stumbled upon a possible ‘Plan B’ on our way home from Huntington Beach State Park.

Could this be the answer???

01a - Motorhome

She’s a beauty … how about that sporty yellow!!

01b - Motorhome

That’s the ticket!

A Greyhound bus that had been converted to
an RV for the reduced priced of $24,000.

01c - Motorhome

We stopped so I could get a closer look at this baby!!

01d - Motorhome
The sign on the window said it was $32,000.
WOW, we could save $8000, twice what our house is overpriced ;o))

Also the sign said
“if yellow is not your color we’ll paint it whatever color you want –
for free.”

What a deal!

 01e - Motorhome
Check out the animal print bed spread.

We could be the envy of all our RV friends with this bus!

At that price, we could let the house sit and
get on the road while we wait for it to sell :o))

01f - Motorhome
Not sure how far down the road we might get,
but we can't get picky at that price!!

Now if ‘Plan B’ doesn’t work out,
right next to it we found 'Plan C'

We could start workamping!!

01g - Motorhome plan C Workcamping
Trailer and a Job all wrapped up together :o))

We are so excited!!! 

Just when we were about to give up all hope
of ever finding a way to get out there fulltiming.

Now, we have to make a choice ;o((

Plan B  or  Plan C

What do you think?!?!?


  1. You guys are a hoot!! I opt for Plan B - I happen to know a mechanically inclined nice guy..LOL If you are overpriced 4k that is pretty good! Wish we only had to drop 4k!! Word has it that the housing market will not recover any time soon... Even though we dropped our price, we are still confident that is the right deciision. One more step before I can give my notice... the next 30 das will be a whirlwind! You guys are NEXT! It's gotta be!! Keep the faith, it'll happen! ~m/p

  2. And if you buy that sweet deal of a bus, you can christen it with a bottle of lemon soda! ;c)


  3. That would be the top banana! Maybe a lemon bar?
    Whatcha think?

  4. With your options wide open, I am sure one of those plans will work before you hit plan Z:)

  5. I go for plan B and have it painted something cute...like purple :) Unlike Paul, though, I'd christian it with wine :)

  6. Oh, it's SO you!! I like yellow :) Keep up the faith..houses are selling~~~

  7. We like it! You could tow the van with that baby.

  8. Well I have to say that Animal Print bedspread is so YOU! However I do think that you might consider picking up a 2004 or 2005 Winnebago for not a whole lot more than that and just thumbing your nose at realtors who don't suggest that their clients who think the house is $4K overpriced (I'm just laughing at that still) should make an offer. What IS your realtor doing if he's not talking to those who bring folks to look at your house.

    Just come on out here and get going. It will sell in an instant as soon as you do that I would bet! There are lots of full timers living in rigs that are 7, 8, 10, 15 years old and doin' just fine without that huge initial investment.

    See you in 54 days!! Don't think the sites you've reserved will fit that Giant Yellow Duck.

  9. I loved reading this post, way too funny~~~~

  10. Go for Plan B and go live in the "yellow submarine". We could always tell when you were coming! ;-) Good attitudes!

  11. Maybe you could paint the yellow bus to match the bedspread?

  12. We also vote for plan B. We can see you riding in style in that bus and I would leave it yellow......great color. LOL!

    Bruce and Laura

  13. Forget the RV - what can you tell us about the restaurant and saloon in the background??? Thanks for the laugh!!

  14. Great looking RV!! You definitely would be the talk of the RV park, if a park would let you in.
    I also want to know what the restaurant/saloon is all about. The bus and saloon go great together.