Birds On The Wing - Wednesday - November 2, 2011

Nancy here:  As Bill mentioned in the previous blog, we were on our way home from a walk at Huntington Beach SP.  He was so excited about his wonderful find “The Yellow Submarine” as some have named it, that he could not wait to share it on the blog.  So there was no time to blog about the walk;o))

Well, the next day, we got a special letter from our Grand-daughter Emily.
She just had her 6th birthday and is growing up
to be a bright and beautiful young lady:o))04 - Emily is Six years old

She sent us a wonderful story she had dictated to her mother
about a young bird learning to fly and a very nice picture about the story !!

04  - Causeway Walk - Emily picture

Thank you Emily!!

Your  story and picture reminded me of the photos
I had taken at Huntington Beach. 
Many of photos were of birds in flight or
posturing for the best fishing position. 

It is not always easy to catch them in motion.
04a  - Causeway Walk - Seagull Flying04b  - Causeway Walk - Egret Turfwars04c  - Causeway Walk - Egret Ballet04e  - Causeway Walk - Defending Location04f  - Causeway Walk - Great Reflection
04g  - Causeway Walk - Wingspand

The birds defended their positions vigorously
as the ones with the best fishing spots
got the fish :o))
04d  - Causeway Walk - Fishing and Flying05a  - Causeway Walk - Heron Fishing05b  - Causeway Walk - Great Egret Fishing05c  - Causeway Walk - Great Egret Fishing

Yes, Nature is Amazing!!!


  1. What a lovely and talented grand daughter you have. An illustrated story just for you, it doesn't get better than that. And the perfect place to show off your fabulous waterfowl photos. I am LONGING for the beach. 53 days!

  2. What an awesome storyteller Emily is! She must take after her Grandpop :) :) Soon she'll be blogging! She's adorable.

    Nancy, those bird pictures at the beach were amzing!

  3. Wow - can't wait to see Huntington Beach State Park in person in just a few weeks! Great blog!

  4. Very nice pictures, Nancy. You are lucky to have such a nice granddaughter.

  5. We're looking forward to some time at Huntington Beach soon. I love the birds at the causeway.

  6. She is a lovely young lady and very talented. Very impressive story, she has a great imagination and her handwriting and artwork were beautiful.

    Grandkids sure add a special "spice" to life! :c)

  7. We loved your granddaughter's story. Our granddaughter is 13 now, and though we love this stage of her life, we do miss those younger days. By the way.... The pictures of the water birds are amazing.