A Few “To Dos” Are Done - Wednesday - November 23, 2011

Nancy and I spent the last week catching up
on some of our to-do list items.

About a week ago we bought a Kayak cart for our Sea Eagle kayak. 01 - Cart Label

We needed to blow up the Sea Eagle and
figure out how this little baby works!!02 - Cart Assembled
There were no instructions. 

My first attempt worked,
 03 - First Attempt too far back
but I will move the cart closer to the middle next time.

We figured out how to store the cart on the kayak. 

The wheels fit nicely behind my seat and
the cart folds down flat on top of them.  04 - Cart Storage
We decided that we need a carry case
to protect the kayak from the nuts and pins. 
Wouldn’t need a kayak cart to transport a deflated kayak ;o((04b - Cart Storage

This week we purchased some material
so Nancy could make a carry case for the cart.
Nancy measured and sewed the bag. 04c - Cart Storage Bag
It can be tied to the kayak.
If we ever tip over, we won’t lose the cart.
Hope we never get to test the ties ;o)))

We spent Nancy’s off day doing our Christmas shopping.  We really do not buy much.  We keep trying to get the commercialism out of Christmas and focus more on having quality family time.  Neither one of us are shoppers, so getting our shopping done before the mad rush is a real plus for us. When necessary, we actually enjoy shopping together, especially for fun things!! Christmas gifts for the Grandchildren means fun things. Shopping at Toys R US is right up our ally.  We are still kids at heart:o))

As if we didn’t get enough walking in yesterday shopping, we decided to go to Huntington Beach and walk the beach with friends in the afternoon. It was a spectacular 80 degrees and sunny. Great weather for the end of November! It was certainly a day to spend outdoors.

Bill, Bill and Cris heading toward the jetty 01 - Beach walking

Shore Birds
02a - Shore birds02b - Shore birds- Sanderling02c - Shore birds- Gull06d - Pelican on the hunt

Approaching the Jetty, we could see lots of fishermen.03 - Approaching the Jetty

As we walked out the jetty,
there was a sunken sailboat ;o((
05 - Sunken Sailboat

The mullets were jumping!! 
 05b - mullets jumping

Guess that is why the fishing is good
for the guys and the birds ;o))
06 - Fisherman and Birds06b - Fishing Birds06c - Fishing Birds
What a wonderful afternoon with friends!!

OK, not everything that happened recently was FUN -- Our large screen TV video went blank on Sunday with the word “tube” flashing on the front. I made the brilliant deduction that the one and only tube in our 46” TV finally went out. After making a trip to Best Buy (we bought it there 7 years ago) I learned that the tubes typically last 5 years and Best Buy doesn’t stock the tubes in any store – you have to order from a separate company on line. I ordered the $165 tube and it’s supposed to ship in about ten days. Yuk! Nancy just shrugged her shoulders as she really could care less if we have a TV, but I like my TV. I’m just hoping that it will arrive in less than 10 days.

While we accomplished a lot this week,
there is still one BIG item on our to-do list...


I’m at a loss for what else we can do to accomplish that task ;o(
I guess the right buyers will come along,
but I’m getting antsy about that.
Oh well, it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.
At least that’s Nancy’s take on the subject.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are fortunate
to be able to spend it with some of our family. 

We have so much to be thankful for and
hope each of you know how much we appreciate
your friendship and encouragement!!!
Hope you have a special day :o))

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving back atcha! :)

    I like that kayak cart, but I'm thinking it may just end up being more "stuff" so I think we'll just continue to carry ours. So far, that's worked but if we end up having to carry it a long distance, I may have to re-evaluate :)

    Enjoy your time with family tomorrow.

  2. One of the things that we are very thankful for is having you two as friends. Happy Thanksgiving!
    We'll wave at Nancy on Sunday as we drive by Home Depot.
    Syl and Gin

  3. That is a pretty snazzy gadget to move the Sea Eagle, but I think the bag Nancy made should be patented. You could make a fortune selling them. Then you could get that Prevost you'd been drooling over. :c)

    We're praying for your house to sell now! Things come in threes, first us, then Gin & Syl, now it's gonna' be your turn.

    We're very thankful to have friends like you, even if it's been mostly long distance and via blog posts, soon it'll be in person. Promise.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love the cart :)

  5. We need one of those carts, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Great idea for the cart bag Nancy! You two are so set for January! Big thing on my thankful list this year is you two and the life style change that makes it possible to meet up with you! Can't wait!! I'm also thankful in advance for the person who is going to buy your house. Don't fix that TV Bill you'll just have to turn around and sell it!!!

  7. Cart bag is super! We will join you in prayers for the sale of your house as we are getting ready to list ours, hopefully, Jan. 1.

  8. We agree that things happen in threes, so your house is NEXT!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving a day late! Like the kayak cart and the pictures of Huntington Beach are great! Can't wait to experience it in person!
    We'll wave to Nancy on Tuesday and will catch up with both of you soon!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad the "to do" list is getting smaller. Now you can just relax.