Thanksgiving Memories - Saturday - November 26, 2011

Nancy here:  Well, I survived “Black Friday” working the register at Home Depot ;o)  I have been at HD for almost 10 years (too long) and you would think I would be ready for the craziness, but every year I am blown away!!

Why in the world would someone be willing to get out in the middle of the night and early dawn in all those crowds to save a few dollars on stuff they probably don’t need anyway!?!? It just does not compute in my brain!! But then, of course, I am trying to get rid of ALL my stuff and make my life simpler;o))

Hope all of you had a special holiday!! 

Today, I finally downloaded my Thanksgiving photos. 

Bill, my mother and I had a wonderful day. 
We were invited to my son’s in-laws house for dinner. 

Mark and Rhonda are very special people and
sure do know how to prepare a feast and throw a party!!
03i - people
First let me say how fortunate Bill and I are. 
Both of our children have married into families that we truly love!! 
No in-law jokes from us.
We really enjoy spending time with these wonderful people we call FRIENDS :o))

Now, back to our Thanksgiving….

The table was set and looking beautiful. 
There would be 12 of us for dinner!!01c-The Table

Lots of snacks and drinks while we waited
for the turkey to finish cooking.
02a - Food

It was a spectacular day and we all enjoyed some time
in the beautiful Carolina Sunshine!!

Bill and Rhonda
03d - people

My mother, Elsie and our DIL, Chris03e - people

Jimmy and Sharon, Chris’ God-parents03g - people

My mother and our son, Brian
03h - people

Finally, the TURKEYS were cooked!!

Yes, there were TWO turkeys…

One was fried...
02e- Food

One was roasted...
02d- Food

The carvers got busy!!
02f- Food

The Thanksgiving Feast was ready :o))

Mom, Jimmy, Sharon, Scott, Samantha, Rhonda, Mark, Maureen, Brian and Bill.01d-The Table
Chris and I were taking this photo. 
Really need to learn to use the timer on my camera;o))

The meal was wonderful and of course, we all ate way too much. 
So following dinner we headed back outside for a little exercise before dessert.

5e - The Game5f - The Game

Looks like Bill has a NEW friend!!5h - The Game

As the sun set, the temps dropped which meant it was time to head back inside for DESSERT!!

Not one, but THREE pies…
Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan
02c- Food

What a beautiful day and
wonderful way to spend our Thanksgiving!!


  1. So which turkey was best? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Never had a "fried" turkey. How do you do it?
    Looks like a lovely family day. Just what this holiday was intended to be.

    I am SO with you on Black Friday. I just don't get it! Glad you survived!!

  3. What a wonderful day! The photo of your mom and Brian is a keeper!
    I've only had fried turkey a couple of times, but it left a wonderful impression. So very moist :)

  4. At our end of the table, they thought the fried turkey was best. As Gail mentioned, it was very moist!!

    How do you do it?? The Fried Turkey was cook off site, so I did not see it prepared.

    However, I do ring up the supplies needed to fry a turkey. You need the turkey fryer for about $50-$100. Add to that a minimum of $30 for the peanut oil blend. Oh and don't forget the turkey!! It better taste good for that price;o))

  5. Looked like a great feast. I like fried Turkey but don't want to invest in supplies and then what to do with all that oil. Too messy.

  6. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.

  7. Fried turkey I hear is very good. We used to BBQ our turkey in the pre-flood days. Looks like you had a terrific day!

  8. Nothing better than a wonderful get together with family and good friends. So who got to take home all the leftovers?

    We had a fried turkey this year and it was awesome, the only way to cook.

  9. Well Paul and Marti, we have been thinking about you two today. Hope everything went smoothly and you are now "Houseless!!!"

    You are assuming there were leftover ;o))

    We need to be sure and travel near our "rich" friends for Thanksgiving to get the Fried Turkey ;o))