Family, Friends and Food - Friday - Nov. 26, 2010

Nancy here...

Hope everyone  had a Happy Thanksgiving.  We sure did and I want to share some photos. 

This year, we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room of The Lakes of Litchfield, my mother's new residence.  I thought this was a great idea as they would be doing the cooking and not me  ;o)
We all met at mom's apartment and made our way
to the dining room. 

The tables were beautifully set and reserved for all the families to share dinner together.

Our Table -  Barry, Bill, Bill, Chris, Mom and Gail

This was within arms reach of our table....

But we decided to check out the buffet line and carving stations
Wonderful Buffet Table

Ham and Turkey Carving Stations


We even had our own Pilgrims visiting for the day. 

We had a wonderful time and I could tell Mom was very pleased that we decided to come to "Her Home" for Thanksgiving.


  1. What a nice Thanksgiving! Glad you had a good one.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful place! I used to eat meals with my grandmother at her retirement home. She really loved "showing us off" to her friends. I'm sure your mom did as well!

  3. What a wonderful day with your mom, I'm sure she loved your company. And even better, you didn't have to wash any dishes!

    Those costumes were neat, a nice touch to a great time.