Happy Thanksgiving - Thursday - Nov. 25, 2010

Since Nancy works in RETAIL, that mean we will not be going too far from home.  She is scheduled to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday ;o(  

But the nice thing is we will heading to Mom's new home at the Lakes at Litchfield and letting them do the cooking ;o)   They encourage family to come to the Lakes and share meals with the residents in the beautiful dining room. 

We will also be joined by our good friends, Bill and Chris, as well as, Nancy's brother - Barry and his wife - Gail. 

Nancy and I have so much to be thankful for and we hope each of you has a wonderful day and the opportunity to share the day with people you love!!

Happy Thanksgiving !


  1. Sorry you have to work Nancy. It might be a tough week-end! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Working in retail is tough during the holidays, but dinner at Mom's sounds wonderful - I'll bet its really good! Have a nice visit and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We're thankful for the excellent weather we had this past week so that we could fully enjoy the last trip of the year. Hope you've had a good meal with the family. I've got to work this week end too...darn it.


  4. Thanks! We had an excellent Thanksgiving! Hope you did as well! Sorry about Nancy having to work retail on Friday! Ouch!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. Sorry about you having to work on the week-end Nancy but hopefully not next year RIGHT?

    Happy Thanks-Living as Howard so aptly put it.