A Great Visit and SURPRISE! - Friday - Nov. 19, 2010

Today was a fun-filled day for us.  Nancy has been communicating with Howard and Linda from RV-Dreams to arranged a visit with them.  They are currently staying at Cheraw State Park, a park we stayed at about a month ago. Nancy has also been emailing with 2 couples we met at last years RV-Dreams rally: Gin and Syl -- Sherry and David.  They are both staying at Huntington Beach and today was a day when both couples would be available. So we made arrangement to all get together around 2pm this afternoon.  However, what they didn't know was that Howard and Linda would be coming with us ;o)

Howard and Linda drove to our house and the four of us drove to Huntington Beach SP and took a quick auto tour before heading to meet the group.  First we stopped at Gin and Syl's site.  They were just getting set up.  Syl was on the roof and saw Nancy and I get out of the car.  When more car doors open and they saw Howard and Linda...yes they were surprised.  Next we went to Sherry and David's site.  Nancy knocked on the door.  Sherry answered and was all set to make some "we're not buying any" wisecrack to Nancy when she saw Linda standing to her side.  The look on Sherry's face was priceless...wish we had the camera ready!!

After initial hugs and greetings, we gathered at Gin and Syl's site in the woods where we shared stories and RV advice with each other, laughing almost non-stop. 
Bill teaching Sherry about Geocaching GPS

David and Gin comparing RV notes.  They both own the same style Motorhome.

Howard just taking it all in !!

Linda and Bill or Papaw or Sugar Daddy or Mr. Bill, depending on who you ask!!

Howard, Linda and Bill on the Marsh Walk

View across the marsh
Sherry and Linda all 'Dressed-up' to go out for dinner!

Temperature dropped so we headed inside... Yes, you can put MANY people in a RV!!

We topped the day off by having a nice dinner at one of Nancy's and my favorite restaurants -- The Hot Fish Club. A good meal and great company is hard to beat and this was no exception.  As we parted company it is always a bit sad, but we were not saying good-byes, we were saying things like: "See you in Florida next month" or See you in April at The RV-Dreams Rally."

Nancy and I just think it is so amazing that RV-Dream Family Friends seem to go out of their way to get together. Most of us have only spent limited time together, but when we get together, it is like old home week. That's what RV-Dreams is all about. It brings like minded people together in friendship and fun. Then along with that, we all learn something from each other. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks so much Howard and Linda for all you do to make RV-Dreams so special!!

What a Terrific Day -- Thanks to ALL!

Nancy here...
I really did not get many photos of the gathering.  I was too busy listening and laughing!!
Go to each couples blog for Nov. 19th to see and read more:


  1. I have to admit, reading your blog as well as H&L's made me jealous :( I wish we were closer to some of all of you.

    Like you said though, "see you in April!"

  2. Too cool! What a great surprise. We look forward to visiting with you, too in the future. It's great to be a part of the RV-Dreams gang!

  3. It was a very special day and we enjoyed the surprise. You're right about getting together like that. Even though we all had only spent a little bit of time together at the last rv-dreams rally, we feel so comfortable with everyone. We sat by the campfire this evening and smiled about the great visit and the beauty of this state park. Safe travels always.


  4. Can't thank you enough for organizing such a great surprise. Bill was right, the look on my face would have been a picture for sure.

    Speaking of faces, mine hurts from all the laughing. What a great group of people. It is just amazing the folks that Howard and Linda have encouraged and helped along and how that has paid itself forward in everyone helping everyone else as much as they can.

    Like minded folks. Great Friends. We sure feel lucky to be part of it all. And lucky to have been part of this great surprise.