A Busy Week - Sunday - December 5, 2010

This week has really been a busy week. It was not a lot of fun, but we accomplished a lot of things that needed to be done.

We had a contract on Nancy’s Mom’s house and this week we had settlement. The fact that the buyer and realtor were 45 minutes late irked me, but settlement went off without a hitch. OK – one house down – one to go!

The end of December will be my last day of work. The fellow I work for is selling his company and the new owners are not going to keep some of us. Oh well, we were planning to retire by June…it’s just a little earlier for me. Nancy will continue to work at Home Depot until we sell the house. She has our medical benefits covered so that saves us some money. Since I turned 62 in November, I officially filed for Social Security this week. Another milestone!! I did it online so I expect to receive confirmation from them this coming week.

I also did some research about insurance and personal property tax for our future RV purchase. Based on Howard and Linda Payne’s experience with Miller Insurance, I gave them a call. They were very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. They are going to email me quotes based on various states, namely: Texas, Florida and South Carolina.

Nancy and I also finished most of our Christmas shopping this weekend. We only have a couple of small items to purchase and we will be done for this year – WOW!! Nancy makes the lists and sets the agenda and I drive and pay… I think that role fits me perfectly ;o)  We spent this afternoon wrapping presents and addressing cards.
Christmas gifts wrapped, packed and ready to go!!

Nancy has started preparing food for the holidays.  She does a lot of cooking and then puts it in the freezer until we take it to Julie's for Christmas. I think her plan is to cook the turkey breasts tomorrow, so she had them defrosting.

She will also make the stuffing so there were bread cubes toasting in the oven or whatever cut up bread does in the oven?!?!

Yesterday, she made the best Christmas treat and got them in the freezer already… Philadelphia Sticky Buns are a special Christmas morning breakfast :o))
The Finished Product on Christmas morning  --  YUM!!!

She also made a gooey German Butter Cake in case we don’t have enough sugar and calories for breakfast…  I know it is a lot of work, but Nancy really enjoys preparing these once-a-year special treats for the family. She is really a good cook although she would not acknowledge that fact. Trust me – she is!!

When I think about the week, I realize we accomplished quite a bit – sold a house, filed for SS, bought a new cell phone & plan with Verizon, got the Christmas shopping and wrapping done, started the Christmas cooking, and made some progress toward full-timing research…

Now, we just need to


  1. Wow!! Terrific! You are getting so much closer to that day. Hey, if one house sells, yours can't be far behind.

  2. We're pulling for your house to sell, hate to see you chaffing at the bit to get on the road.

    We hope out housing market will pick up when we're ready in March. Hopefully that one buyer will wander along at the right time.

    We're drooling over those Philly Sticky Buns! Wow, what a special treat. Good thing you eat them just once a year or you'd shortly wipe out the CCC on your upcoming new RV. ;c) ~ Paul

  3. Gotta love a productive week. It may be a mixed blessing that you will have more time to prepare for full timing after the holidays. Your time line is similar to ours - we will have to compare notes along the way. Funny how there are family favorites for the holidays, eh? It is fun to see what 'traditions' the kids take with them to their own homes.... life is grand, isn't it? ~Marti

  4. May Dianne and I come over for dinner? Oh, 3000 miles is a little far for a one-day drive.

  5. Whew you two are making me tired with all those accomplishments. I think I'd better get back to work. My list of "it's done" isn't nearly as long as yours.

    After the discussion of cell phones and broadband at the mini-rally, what did you decide on with Verizon?

  6. At the moment, we just got a simple cell phone with a 450 minute per month plan. Bill will lose his current cell phone when his job ends in January. As far as internet, we still haven't got a laptop and are still confused about 4G and 3G. Gin said wait for 4G for unlimited coverage and the Verizon Rep said that will never happen and 4G won't be available here for 6 months....so, we basically don't know what we are going to do there ;o(