Weekend with the Grandchildren (Part Two) - Raleigh, NC - Friday and Saturday, Nov. 5-6, 2010

Part Two: Saturday

On Saturday, Steve was off and all 8 of us decided to try our luck at geocaching again. We drove or I should say, Steve drove, to the nearby Durant Nature Park.  The two boys were not getting in any car of which I controlled the keys ;o)
Loaded and Ready to Go Geocaching

Heading down the Trail

Map of Durant Nature Park Trails

Today was a much better experience than yesterday. I had uploaded about 8 geocaches that were located in the park.  We found SIX and all of us, Andrew and Daniel included, had a great time.  As the pictures will show: we found lots of treasures, climbed lots of logs, enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and had a terrific walk in the woods!!  Nancy and I also got a good opportunity to break in our new hiking boots.
Cache 1 - checking out the treasures

Cache 2 was a Virtual Cache of a large rock that looked like a whale!
Samantha found her own treasure -- a beautiful leaf!!

Emily found her TREASURE

Daniel found Cache 3 under the log

Everyone spent some time hunting for Cache 4

Andrew found Cache 4

LOGS   ARE   FUN !!!

Cache 5 was a Micro cache (very small) and came with instructions.  Those instructions said that when you find the cache, you must climb the rocks and proclaim the following,
"Hear ye, hear ye, I am the greatest geocacher of all time!!"

Tiny little frog we DIDN'T step on :o)

Like mother -- Like daughter

A little hide and seek!!

Beautiful Fall Colors

Location of Cache 6

We knew we were close to Cache 6, but this was a micro cache and it took some time to find this one.  So this was the perfect place to take a break and do a little refueling.
While the kids got their snacks, Steve and I searched.  We finally found the cache in the side of the bridge.  It was a small magnetic container in a hole in the bridge.  Yes there was a paper log in the container....really!!
Cache 6 in its hiding place!!
Cache 6 stuck on the outside of its hiding place!!


We had the best time and that was just in the morning...  We followed that up Saturday afternoon by taking the kids to a neighborhood Harvest Festival.  The community was accepting can goods for needy families and having a fun time while helping others!

Canned Goods Collection

  I had never seen these Hamster Balls before. 
 Andrew decided to race his friend
 Andrew in the ball
Andrew with his VICTORY smile!

Emily head first down the slide!!

Little sister, Samantha, has to go head first too!!

The kids had a ball and we loved watching the smiles and hearing the laughter of all the youngsters.

Saturday night, after a spaghetti dinner, we played cards and shared many more laughs with each other.  What a perfect day... 


  1. What a great idea to take the grandkids geocaching!

  2. What a great day! I'm still smiling from reading this post! -- Dianne