A Lucky Sighting - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yesterday, Nancy was working in the garden center at Home Depot.  Her view from the cashier station allows her to see the stop light at Hwy 17 Bypass that runs through Murrells Inlet.
The little green building in the middle of picture is
Nancy's cashier station.

View from the Cashier Station to the Hwy 17 Intersection

This is a very busy highway with hundreds of RV's coming and going to the thousands of campsites in Myrtle Beach. About 4 pm, Nancy happened to spot a Winnebago Brave Motorhome stopped at the light at about the same place as the white vehicle in the picture above.  She remembered that we had met 2 couples at the
RV-Dreams rally last April who own Winnebago Braves.  As the motorhome pulled out, she could see that the tow vehicle had 2 kayaks on top and 2 bikes on the back.  Again, both those couples have 2 kayaks and 2 bikes.  So when she got home, she checked their blogs: Gin and Syl   and   Sherry and David to see if the rig she saw belong to either of them.  It sure looked like Sherry and David's RV!!

Nancy emailed Sherry and sure enough, it was them!  Unfortunately, they were experiencing some problems with the motorhome's brakes and air conditioning.  They managed to get to Huntington Beach State Park, which is where we spend a lot of time. The campground said it was full, but they did find a place for them so they could spend the night and take their RV in to be fixed on Tuesday. 

I say, "A Lucky Sighting" -- it really was a long shot that Nancy would SPOT their rig and REMEMBER their rig...  WOW!!  While we hate that they stopped because they were having trouble, we did manage to get together and catch up with these nice people.

About dinnertime Tuesday, we drove to their site at the state park.
There were 2 kayaks, 2 bikes, a car dolly, no motorhome and no Sherry and David when we got there. 
Site 31, one of the best in the park!!

Sherry and David returned from the beach shortly after we arrived. They were 'homeless' all day, so they just enjoyed themselves at the beach.  Unfortunately, the RV will not be done today and they have to spend the night in their RV at the repair shop and not the beautiful site they manage to get at the state park.

Since they need to drive to their  RV for the evening, they followed us and we all went to Subway for a quick bite and a chance to enjoy each others company.
Finding out that Sherry likes ice cream as much as I do, we left Subway as soon as we finished and headed to Painter's Homemade Ice Cream Store.  We were just here a few days ago with the grandkids!! This is way over my ice cream limit...but what the heck!!  These good people have had a rough day and it is my responsibility to try and make things better for them!!

Bill and Sherry making the toughest decision of the day!!

We chatted and laughed some more while we enjoyed our ice cream!

Before we knew it, the time had come when we had to go our separate ways.  Sherry and David had to meet the repair shop owner at the lot about 7:30 so he could let them in to the locked lot for the night. While we hate that they had troubles, we were glad that we got time to get to know this couple better and know we will see them down the road again. 

Nancy and I drove home sharing laughs about this whole experience.  We hope this "Lucky Sighting" becomes contagious.  So if you are driving to Myrtle Beach, be sure to stop at the Home Depot intersection in Murrells Inlet so we can get together and have some fun!!


  1. I just love those serendipitous moments!

  2. No matter how bad things get in life, ice cream always makes it better!

    So nice to see RV-Dream family members helping each other out. And what a memory Nancy has! I'll have to always be careful what I say around her. ;c)

  3. Hey Bill - great post. I think I'm going to make Nancy my official photographer too since her pictures are MUCH better than mine. So we'll be back to pick her up a bit later. You won't mind will you??

    GREAT to see you both and Nancy I only WISH my eyesight and memory were as good as yours.