Good Times With The Family - Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nancy and I have been having a great time with our family since last Sunday.  Our daughter, Julie and her husband Steve, rented a villa at Ocean Lakes Campground for the week.  Of course, that means our four grandchildren (Andrew, Daniel, Emily and Samantha) are only be a few minutes away.  Our son, Brian, also joined the clan for a couple days of sun and surf.  His wife, Chris, unfortunately had to work and could not make the trip.  We missed you, Chris!!
The Gang!!

Nancy and I spent Sunday with the gang at the beach.  I spent most of my time swimming and jumping waves with Andrew and Daniel.  Nancy and Julie helped Emily and Samantha gather shells and dig in the sand. 
Emily, Daniel and Andrew

All the kids and Bill!

Daniel and Andrew waiting for a wave!

Brian and Steve stayed at the villa watching their beloved NFL Team, The Carolina Panthers, get beat by the NY Giants.  After several hours on the beach, we retreated to the villa where we showered, had some fun and enjoyed a great spaghetti dinner.

"SIBLING RIVALRY" - Julie and Brian play Mancala

Emily and Samantha try to teach Grandpop his alphabet!!

The KIDS table!

Sweet Samantha was worn out and slept right thru dinner!

After dinner, most of us hopped in their rented golf cart and headed to one of the many ponds where we threw in a couple fishing lines. 
Andrew caught a good size fish -- our only catch!!  But, the family time was great!! (I will share the photo later when I get it from Julie.)

Julie and the kids in the golf cart

A Wooden Towable Travel Trailer we saw in the Campground!! 
Check out the wood trimmed golf cart as well!

Brian drove down from Columbia in his "Shiny Black Classic" Corvette.  Of course, all the boys love that car.  He had to leave to back on Tuesday. Before he left for home, he and Nancy went down to see Grandmom's apartment at The Lakes at Litchfied and enjoyed a nice lunch with her.

Grandmom admiring the Corvette

Brian and Grandmom

Brian called later on Tuesday to say he got home.  Unfortunately, on his trip home he was rear ended by another car.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and the vette suffered only minor damage.  I still wish those kinds of things never happened.

After work on Tuesday, Steve, Julie and the grandkids drove over to our house and then we all drove to visit Great Grandmom and see her apartment. 
Her Great-Grand-Children

Great Grandmom gave them a tour of her home and the surrounding grounds. 
Kids taking the tour!!

Needless to say, there is a lot of energy in a room when all the kids are there.
We only stayed a short time so we didn't wear out Great Grandmom.

On our way home, we all stopped for ICE CREAM!! As you can see by the pictures, we all enjoyed the ice cream. 
Julie and Steve were trying to get the girls to give Grandpop a BIG KISS for treating them.  Of course, that was AFTER they started eating their chocolate cones and had ice cream all over their faces.  Everyone that knows me knows I am such a "NEAT FREAK" that I would obviously balk at this situation.  But, they are my cute grand-daughters --- what was I to do?  I convinced the girls to give me a big hug instead of a chocolate smooch.
Hey Grandpop, how can you resist this face!!

Tomorrow night, Nancy and I are planning to take the grandchildren out to dinner...can you say "Ci Ci's Pizza!"  Julie and Steve can then have a nice Date Night.  We'll report back on this next adventure.


  1. You have such a beautiful family!! Glad to see the pictures.

  2. Hey, that looks like it was a fun time! Bet you are proud Grandparents! Great looking family you have!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. What a great time with your cuties, they are adorable. Nothing better than quality time with the grandkids.

    Just think how much more time you'll spend with them when you hit the road FT.

    Bill looks like he enjoyed the ice cream more than the kids.

    Pretty cool wooden trailer, but I guess you can't get it too close to a campfire... ;c)

  4. Nice blog post showing off such a great looking family! Great grandma sure was looking proud of those kids. Glad you are all having such a nice time together.

  5. Ditto the other comments. What a great looking family you have.
    We love the chocolate ice cream pictures. Roger and Dianne

  6. Looks like a great time! Terrific pictures of it. That Chocolate face is irresistable!!