Another Sunday Bike Ride - Sunday, September 19, 2010

I had loaded the bicycles in the car last night knowing we were going to ride our bikes starting at Huntington Beach State Park this morning. After our morning coffee we left the house just after 6 AM and drove to the park.
It was still dark as we unloaded our bikes for the ride, but sunrise was just around the corner. We pedaled easy for the first few miles waiting for the sun to show itself.
Once it did we rode on the bike paths outside the park and crossed over route 17 and cruised to Sandy Island Landing.
Sandy Island Landing

View up the canal towards Sandy Island. 
We are thinking about putting the Sea Eagle in here next Saturday and doing a little exploring. 

We saw tons of wildlife including deer, a raccoon, a bald eagle and a couple of pink spoon bills amongst the egrets and herons.
Nancy couldn’t get photos of the deer, eagle or raccoon, but took quite a few shots of the birds. The spoonbills are the pink birds in the lower center of the picture.

We finished our 20 mile ride, pedaling through the state park campground anxiously looking forward to the day when we can full time. The aroma of a breakfast cooked outside in the morning – bacon, eggs and coffee is a smell I could never get tired of. No wonder I started getting hungry. I just love that smell. I think they should have a woman’s perfume with a bacon aroma (maybe they do?)  That would really attract the guys!

Nancy had to work at 11AM, so I did the obvious – I played golf. I really played well, shooting a 75 including three birdies. Ah, life can be tough.

After golf I came home and wrote the blog while I had the sprinkler watering the yard. We haven’t had any rain for over a week and the forecast does not look promising for the next few days. Our yard is looking dry and brown and we have a lot of bare spots where grass used to be. I’m hoping a little water might help. Oh well, I can’t complain – it was another beautiful day capping a wonderful week.


  1. We'll be right there with you cooking the bacon and eggs. Don't know which is more mouth watering, that breakfast cooking or living the life of a full timer.

    Hopefully we'll both find out soon!

  2. Was the 75 for nine holes or 18 :-) During the days that I played golf it would have been for nine. Sounds like a good bike ride. We are in a new campground today where the bike riding will be a little easier.