Family Fun Continues - Thursday and Friday, September 16-17, 2010

On Thursday night Nancy and I took the four grandchildren out for dinner. We went to Cici’s pizza, a pizza chain restaurant the kids know well. The two boys gave us our instructions “just get our sisters a plate full of breadsticks and lemonade to drink. We’ll get our own pizza.”
Their plan worked to perfection. Emily was not feeling real well,
but the rest of kids can put away some food.
Samantha enjoying her cinnamon bun dessert with a fork!!

Daniel found the brownies for dessert!
As expected the children were well behaved and it was a real delight having dinner with them.

After we stuffed ourselves with pizza, we loaded up the clan and drove to Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier.
We walked out to the end of the fishing pier to see if any of the fishermen were catching anything.
No luck there! 

But we did get a fun picture with this fake fish.  Also, since we didn't see any real fish being caught, I decided to post Andrew's picture with his catch at the campground!
Nice catch, Andrew!!

We then drove back to the campground where they were staying and hopped into the golf cart and toured the campground.

An abundantly decorate campsite!!

What fun we had with all the kids and a great way to spend the evening.

On Friday I had to work in the morning, but Nancy didn’t. I dropped her off at the villa early so she could spend the whole day with the family. Julie and Nancy took the boys to the beach for swimming and sand castle building.

Andrew and the BIG wave!

Ninja Daniel!

Julie and Andrew building THE WALL to hold back the tide!

Steve stayed back at the villa with the two girls. Emily was running a slight fever and had a difficult night sleeping Thursday night. I joined up with them at lunchtime. After lunch we played “Spades”, a fun card game. When you play with Daniel you can forget most of the rules, but it is really entertaining.

Julie and Nancy prepared a great “Last-night-use-up-all-the-left-overs-dinner” with steak, shrimp, salad, three kinds of potatoes, corn, coleslaw, and of course Nancy’s famous chocolate cheesecake (always a big hit with the kids). After the feast Steve, Julie, Andrew and I went to one of the ponds and went fishing. We caught a couple of non keepers, but, it was wonderful watching Andrew get so excited when he would get bites. Nancy stayed back at the villa doing her grandmother thing – babysitting Daniel, Emily and Samantha. We finished up the night taking the boys to the arcade to “use up” the rest of their tokens that our son Brian had bought for them earlier in the week. Yeah for Uncle Brian! After getting our hugs and kisses from the grandchildren, Nancy and I drove home reflecting on what a wonderful week we had with the family.

We had it all this week – great weather, tons of fun including the beach, fishing, miniature golf, cards, puzzles – you name it! Julie, Steve and the kids had to check out this morning and drive back to their home in Raleigh, NC. We hope little Emily is feeling better.
 Nancy had to work today.  I’m just chilling doing some domestic chores – the wash, vacuuming and generally just cleaning up the house. I had plenty of time to smile and think about the week with our family. What a great week it was!

Can't wait to retire and spend more time with the kids!!

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