Tour de Murrells Inlet - Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's that time of the year, the Tour de France is being contested.  Every Saturday morning, I head to Grand Strand Bicycle Shop to ride with other cyclist in a group ride.  Not quite the Tour de France, but we have lots of fun!!

If you are ever in the Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Area and need a bike or anything for cycling, stop by and see Tim and Mary.  They are the owners and are two of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I have ever met.  They will help you get whatever bike you need from beach bikes to triathlon bikes.  Their shop is new, beautiful, well stock and just a real fun place to visit. Check out the link to their web site under the picture.

Tim is the cyclist all in black on the far right of this picture giving ride instructions.

This is Mary giving instructions to our group.

There are three groups of cyclist.  The "A" group is composed of serious cycling competitors who average 24+ MPH for 30 miles.  That's not my group!
The "A" Group

The "B" Group is for intermediate cyclist who average about 20 mph...that's still a good speed.  That's not my group either!

The "B" group on the move.

I am a proud member of the "C" group.  We have a combination of Road Bikes, Hybrids (like mine) and a couple of mountain bikes once in a while.  We usually average 13-18 MPH depending on the day.  That's plenty fast enough for me.  I no longer have the need for speed, but I do enjoy a good workout.
The "C" Group
So if you are ever in the area and enjoy cycling, come on out every Saturday morning at 7:30.  You'll meet some great people and have a fun ride.


  1. To the Eternal Teenagers:

    Does the bike shop have a D- group? That would be my speed, the one followed by an ambulance with oxygen at the ready! ;c)

  2. Hey Bill, I'm all caught up with your blog and really wishing you luck in selling your house at the exact time that is perfect for you.

    I'm a 6 day a weeker as well but living in Charlottesville VA right now biking isn't something I do much....too many hills for me. I'd rather run them than bike them BUT........

    with full timing SOON in mind I wonder whether you would do a blog post on your bikes. What kind they are etc for those of us novice to the biking world.

    95 right now here......we've had only 4 non 90 days since June 19. An usually and really HOT summer. Hope you are both keeping as cool as you are.

    Sherry B