Moving Furniture - Friday, July 23, 2010

We got an early start in an attempt to beat the heat.  It is suppose to get to the upper 90's today.  Not a great day for moving furniture, but that's the plan...   remember the "military" thing going on with the two of us!!

First stop, U-Haul to pick up the truck.

Then we headed to mom's house where we packed the last minute things before our helpers arrived at 8:30. 

Before we go any further, we want to be sure and thank Chris, Mark and Rhonda for all their help.  We could not have done this without them.  Chris is our son's wife. Mark and Rhonda are her parents.  Fortunately, we also call them our friends.  Brian, our son, was planning on being our helper, but he started a new job this week and could not ask for Friday off during his first week!!  So Chris volunteer to step in and her parents did the same.  This is not the first or second time they have helped us move.  It is the third time they have come to our rescue.  These guys are amazing and we had everything into Mom's apartment shortly after noon time.  So again, many thanks for all your help. 

Mark and Bill down the steps

Mark and Bill up the ramp.

Can you say "Hot, Hot, Hot!"

Chris and Rhonda working as a team!

This guys make moving fun.....amazing!!

Unfortunately, I got busy at the other end of the move and didn't get any pictures of them unloading the truck.  But all the stuff had to be loaded, piece by piece, on the elevator for a ride to the second floor.   Even an elevator didn't slow them down and all the furniture was in the apartment shortly before 1 o'clock.  Mark, Rhonda and Chris took off as they had company in town and wanted to spend some time with them.  You will not hear any in-law jokes from the two of us.....these guys are terrific.

We spent the rest of the day unloading boxes and beginning to put the apartment in order.  The staff and residents at The Lakes were fantastic.  Many stopped by for a quick welcome and offer of help.  The kitchen sent up platters of sandwiches, drinks and cookies.  There was so much that we had enough for both lunch and dinner.

First meal in Mom's apartment.

It was a long day and we made a big dent in getting mom situated.  She is spending her first night here and we are heading home to get some rest.  We'll be back tomorrow to continue unloading and setting up the apartment.

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