Moving Stuff - Wed and Thur, July 21-22, 2010

Nancy here... 

Just want to update family and friends on the last few days.  Normally Bill does the writing, but I believe I have finally worn him out.  He has been going, going, going since Wednesday.  You know the "To Do - To Done List" thing has finally done him in!!  So I will do a few posts, mostly pictures of my Mother's move to the The Lakes at Litchfield.

On Wednesday, Bill toted boxes, bags, and clothes to my mother's new apartment. I had to work at Home Depot so I got out of this part of the move.  However, I had spent the past couple weeks getting all the stuff packed so he could move it.  

On Thursday, we packed up the last items and moved them to the apartment.  We also moved all the stuff from the freezer.  Mom went with us and she spent the afternoon putting away kitchen stuff.  We emptied as many boxes and bags as possible.  Bill put up some shelves and moved boxes and stuff around to make room for the furniture which we will move tomorrow.

So here is what the apartment looked like at the end of the day on Thursday.  Tomorrow, with some helpers, we will move the furniture in.

Entry and Dining Area

Living Room

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Closet and Empty Guest Bath

Master Bedroom Boxes

Empty Master Bath and Boxes

Empty Sunroom

Not quite home yet, but tomorrow is another day!!


  1. So glad that you are progressing with her move. How is she doing now with it?

  2. I believe she is OK... time will tell.

    It is a lot to take in and it will take time for her to adjust to everything and everybody. However, the residents and the staff are just super!! They are working very hard to help her feel at home and taken care of.