Homeschool Classroom - Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nancy here.........
I was working on photos from our weekend trip to Raleigh and wanted to share some pictures. 

Our daughter, Julie, home-schools her children.  To do this, she has converted the normal living room and dining room of their home to a classroom.  It is really an interesting and unique learning environment.

Julie and Steve's House

This is the view as you enter the front door...not your typical living-dining room.
  Andrew and Daniel's desk are in the middle and there is a history time-line on the wall.  That's grandpop at the teacher's desk.

The book collection on the left and piano on the right.  In the corner is the writing center.

Close-up of the writing center.

This is the Typing Center.
They are learning on a real typewriter instead of a computer to eliminate distractions!!

Geography Center
The boys can tell you all the countries in South America... 
Makes me realize I am NOT smarter than a fourth grader!!


  1. Wow, your family is incredible. Oh, btw, how is the house sale going?

  2. Nothing to report on the house sale. While we would loved to sell quickly, we'll be fine if nothing happens until we get Mom moved.