Happy 4th of July - Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day!! A day to be thankful we live in the greatest country in the world. If you have read our blog before you know we both served in the military. So today remains a special day and we thank all those who served or are currently serving in the military preserving our freedom and independence.

As usual, Nancy and I enjoyed our Sunday morning bike ride. We usually do about 20 miles and today was just shy of that.  It was a spectacular day -- 70 degrees with low humidity and little wind. Our goal was to find some nice FLAG pictures in honor of Independence Day.

Pretty House with nice flags!

A retired marine lives on the 3rd floor and had his display out...Semper Fi!

International Drive was line with American Flags!

We guess they are looking for the Murrells Inlet Boat Parade!!

As usual, I also played golf this afternoon and was thrilled to shoot 76 (39 front nine, 37 back nine) on a par 72 course.  I was paired with three guys, all of which were veterans, so we had a good time.

Even though it's a holiday with time off from work, Nancy wasn't so lucky.  She had to work today from 11am to 8pm.  I think she works every holiday except Christmas & Thanksgiving and the only reason she doesn't work those days is because Home Depot is closed.  What a crummy schedule! 

Tomorrow is another "Holiday" for me with another day off from work.  You guessed it...Nancy has to work.  I'll be going to Nancy's moms new apartment and installing some shelves in her kitchen.  The next two weeks Nancy is taking a couple extra days off each week to pack her mom's house in preparation for the move on the 23rd.  So we are trying to get the apartment set up and ready for the move. 

No fireworks for us tonight, just an early bedtime as usual.  We have a full day ahead tomorrow.

HAPPY  4th  OF  JULY !!

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