Lovin’ This Weather!! - Friday - December 16, 2011

We woke this morning to a perfect June Day ;o)) 
Sunny and bright with a high hitting almost 80 degrees. 
However, this is December and Christmas is only a week away. 
I just love this weather :o))))

Last night we went to Broadway At The Beach
with RV-Dreams friends Gyn, Syl, Dan and Tricia. 

We wanted to see the Christmas lights
have dinner at a new Italian Restaurant.

00 - Capriz Italian Feast

What a meal!! 

We all agreed that the food was great
we ate far too much :o))))
02 - Dinner

Nancy and I do not eat out 0ften,
but this is a restaurant we will visit again!!

After dinner,
we decided to walk off our dinner and see the Christmas lights.

We almost had the entire complex to ourselves.04 - Nobody Shopping

But when you are with RV-Dreamers,
they always find ways to have fun!!
05b - The BOYS

06 - They got loose

We had a great evening and saw some pretty lights!!
03 - Christmas Tree 03b - Christmas Tree Dan and Trish 03c - Christmas Tree

This window display says it ALL :o))07 - Life is Good
Life Is Good !!

Our plan to walk off dinner was a great idea,
but we walked so slow,
 we had to come up with a Plan B to walk off the meal!!

This morning, we implemented Plan B…

We launched our kayaks at
The Chris Anderson Memorial Landing on Route 9,
just a couple miles from the North Carolina border.
Not far from where we attended the RV-Dreams Rally in Loris, SC.

First we blow up...
02 - Chris Anderson Memorial Landing Getting Ready

take down the kayaks…
02b - Chris Anderson Memorial Landing  Gin Convertable Pants
Notice the cool snake guards on Gins ankles ;o))

Almost ready to launch!!
02c - Chris Anderson Memorial Landing  Ready to launch

We decided to head north against the current to start! 00d-map

We paddled under Route 9.
03 - Heading North under Rt 9

The current was strong but we all made our way!!03b - Heading North the gang

The temperature felt like summertime,
but the river definitely looked like wintertime.03c - Heading North the winter river

Still a little color left…
03d - Heading North Still some color

Interesting Cypress roots and knees…03e - Heading North Cypress Roots and Knees

Finally, we decided to turn south and floated back towards the landing. 
We found a sandy spot along the way
and beached the kayaks to enjoy our lunch. 

After lunch, we continued to float south…

Back under Rt. 9…
04 - Heading south under the highway

Continued floating south, past the landing…
04b - Heading south passed the landing

Roamin P. Duck was on the lookout for some of his relatives…04c - Heading south Roamin enjoying the view

Didn’t see any ducky relative,
 but Tricia and Dan spotted this Great Horned Owl
high in the treetop ;o))
04d - Heading south T and D spotted great horned owl

When we had just worn ourselves out floating south,
we found a nice spot to stop and enjoy each others company in the wonderful sunshine!!!
05 - Resting and Talking

Roamin was still searching for his relatives ;o))05b - Roaming standing guard

All to soon it was time to head back to the landing…05c - Heading Back to the landing
Another fun day on the water with great friends!!

Back at the landing,
as we were putting things away,
the local police and his backup stopped by!!

Sheesh… you can’t take these kids anywhere ;o))05d - Can't take these kids anywhere

I was sure to tell the police,
I knew nothin' about nothin'
I had never seen these rowdy kids before ;o))05d2 - Their all yours officer

What a great day to be on the river with good friends!!

Hope somebody bails them out soon ;o)))

We have really enjoyed the last couple of days!! Next stop, our daughter’s house for Christmas.  Then it will be off to Florida for most of January:o))  We will be meeting up with RV-Dreamers, Sherry and David, for more kayaking, cycling, hiking, laughing and of course, ICE CREAM!!  Who knows, if our RV-Dreams kids get out and stay out of trouble, we may see them in Florida as well ;o))

Nancy here:
During one of our river stops, we got talking about Sweet Red Peppers.  See we have very profound and deep conversations when we float on the river!!  Anyway, I promised to share a great soup recipe that is very easy, very healthy and very good!!  So here it is…
00- Recipe
00b- Recipe


  1. I like the picture of your feet going under the bridge. You're right, it was a beautiful Spring day...in December!

  2. I am wondering what they sell at the stupid store?

  3. We're in Avon Park, FL. I can't wait till the get together next fall, you're having way too much fun! Wonderful pictures!

  4. O.M.G.! It should be illegal to have that much fun, right???? What a hoot! Great, great post!

    Have a safe trip to Raleigh and have fun with the grand kids. Oh, and thanks for the recipe :)

  5. Another fun night and day! Such great laughs. Who knows where the wind will take us in FL? We promise we will stay out of trouble!

  6. Eatin' my heart out AGAIN! Super pictures of Y'all havin' way too much fun. Now just keep that great weather around!!

  7. There are lots of people way up North that would pay big bucks for a day like you had. It's so nice to see you Dreamers getting together often and having a blast.

    Glad the police showed up before you got carried away with all your fun and started Occupy RV-Dreams...

  8. Looks like you had a great time. The soup looks great!

  9. Too much fun! It's so nice to see sunshine and shorts and beautiful temps. As I look out our window, there are flurries and thick frost on the car :(

  10. Ditto the other comments. You always have such a good time. Your weather certainly tops what we have experienced since the rains started in South TX last Saturday. Every day has been cloudy, cool (60s) and often drizzly. Thank goodness it finally rained here, but we are ready for a few sunny and warm days between the much needed rain.

  11. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great couple of days. Nice weather!
    Enjoy the Holiday Season with your family!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas!
    Dianne and Steve

  12. Ahhhh! 80 degrees in December -- Heaven!!

    Looks like lots of fun with fellow RV Dreamers!