A Couple Busy Days - Sunday - December 11, 2011

Nancy has been off the last couple of days and we took advantage of her time off to catch up with friends and “to do” list items. On Friday we had two more showings with the second showing being a return visit of previous visiting buyers. We got positive feedback from the first showing ---- but, no offer. We have not heard anything from the second showing although we watched them spend over 50 minutes in the house. We have our fingers crossed, but don’t want to get our hopes built up.

On Friday night, we invited the RV Dreamers that are staying at Huntington Beach State Park (Dan & Tricia and Gyn & Syl) to our house to play either a board game or cards. The group chose the board game “Sequence.” However, before the game began, there was a pre-game warm-up.

Tequila Jell-O Shots for All
 01 - Group Shots
Bill was a bit hesitant…

Come on Bill, you can do it !!
001b - Bill shot
Ugh... it tasted just like Nyquil ;o((

We had lots of laughs and stories all evening. Dan and Tricia came out the big winners for the night!! However, we were told that Gin and Syl beat them solidly the night before ;o))  Actually, I think we all came out winners spending time with good friends :o))

Saturday Nancy and I spent the day finishing up our Christmas shopping in the morning and Nancy spent the better part of the afternoon making stuffing, baking cookies and a pecan pie for Christmas at our daughter’s house.

Christmas Snickerdoodles
02 - cookies
The aroma from the kitchen
really put us in the Christmas spirit!!

While Nancy cooked, I was assigned the task of putting chocolate almonds into plastic bags.  This was very technical job as each bag had to have exactly 24 almonds, a single serving.  Then the bag needed to be tied with a ribbon.  Finally, the ribbon had to be curled!!

Here I am perfecting my ‘Curling’ skills ;o))02b - Bill Curling
Bet you thought ‘Curling’ was only played in the north ;o)

In the evening, we were invited by our friends, Bill and Chris, to see the “Night of 1000 Candles” at Brookgreen Gardens. Every year this display is held during weekends in December. It features live entertainment and tons of Christmas lights and candles.

Bag Piper
03 - Bag Piper

Christmas Symphony Orchestra03b - Christmas Symphony

We really had good weather this year (mid 50’s with very little wind) to take the leisurely stroll through the gardens. We’ve done this other years with the temperatures a lot colder and believe me warmer is better. What a nice way to end a couple of busy days.

I’ll let the photos share the Christmas Spirit with you!!
04 - lights and candles04b - lights and candles04c - lights and candles04d - lights and candles04e - lights and candles04f - lights and candles04g - lights and candles04h - lights and candles04i - lights and candles04j - lights and candles

Our last stop was indoors to see the
Trees, Trains and Gingerbread Houses!!05 - Trees, Trains, and Gingerbread05b - Trees, Trains, and Gingerbread05c - Trees, Trains, and Gingerbread05d - Trees, Trains, and Gingerbread05e - Trees, Trains, and Gingerbread
It sure put us in the Holiday Spirit!!
Thanks Bill and Cris for such a beautiful evening :o))

On another note, our 6 month contract with our Realtor ends this coming week. Unless we get an offer and accept it this week, we have made the commitment to switch Realtors. The new agent we are going to list with was a guy we were very impressed with during the last interviewing process. We didn’t sign with him the last time because I (not Nancy) was not ready to hear that the value of our house had dropped so much and he would not want the listing from us at a price he knew he couldn’t sell. He told us that 6 months ago and he told us that again this week. I just didn’t want to accept that as fact, but when you look at the houses that have sold in this market, reality really stinks! I hate that when that happens and my hard-headedness has probably cost us several months without an offer. Only time will tell. Couple that with the fact that the new agent has been in contact with us every month since June and our current agent has never called me without me generating the contact and our decision became easy – time to change and get this place sold! Meeting with the RV Dreams friends this week confirms that the full-time RV lifestyle is what we want. Anyone want to buy a great house? We’re dealing!


  1. Love this newsy blog with the GREAT pictures. I think I'll pass on the nyquil which I hate too but what's with the 24 almonds in little bags???

    Hoping that this couple on Friday visit #2 is really encouraged by your soon to be X-realtor since it will be his last chance for the big commission. Interesting that he did such a great job of selling you when you picked him but not so hot on the follow through. That always seem to be the way somehow. Don't see how these folks make a living. What DO they sell?

    Anyway I'm still hoping that the house will have a SOLD sign in the yard when you drive off to Florida in January!! Nothing like a fresh realtor on the case!

  2. What a fun night for all you dreamers. I've had jello shots before,but not sure they were Tequila ones! You are very adventurous, Bill :)

    Nice pictures of the Christmas lights, Nancy.

    Good luck in showing #2..might be that one?! Either way, the new realtor might just do the trick.

  3. Oh, how I hope that your house sells with "looker" # 2. Your story just scares the bejebers out of me since our house goes on the market, hopefully, in January. I sure pray we chose the best realtor.

  4. The lights look beautiful and add to the Christmas spirit. We enjoyed our time together and isn't that what makes life great whether we're full timing or not. Fingers crossed.

  5. Jello shots!!!??? See what happens when you kids have no adult supervision!

    We had to take a hit on the price of our house, too, for it to sell. We'll keep you in our prayers that the second visit buyers make you that offer, and it's not too low to stomach.

    Great pictures as usual! :c)

  6. Wow, great pictures! Really gets you into the Holiday Spirit! And I could smell all that baking....yummmm...! Hope you both have a great Christmas Season!

  7. So, who brought the Jello shots? I'll bet it was Coniver and Magiver :)

    The Christmas cookies look beautiful as do the lights. That would put someone in the holiday spirit!

    Fingers crossed that you'll get a fair offer from your 2nd showing. Coming to grips with the reality of home values today is a bitter pill. I hope, though, that brings you closer to your dream.

  8. What a great post. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I feel your pain on the house price. My pride and pocketbook were wounded but we don't regret taking the offer and getting on the road.

  9. Fun times and so many laughs! Thanks for hosting the gang and we look forward to a few more get togethers before the holidays.

  10. We had jello shots for the first time at a party in South TX. Very tasty AND they made me happy! The Christmas lights were amazing --- really puts you in the spirit. Dianne is making ten pies for the Christmas dinner in our RV park. The coach house should smell good for weeks.

    We just signed up to attend the RV Dreams Rally in April in Kerrville, TX. We have stayed at this RV park before --- really nice. The hill country of TX is a great place for a visit. If you house sells, maybe we'll see you there? Merry Christmas!

  11. Ours took 17 months. 3 wks to move out. Bought Mh Nov 16th. Been moving in and quit work last Friday. Then we are off. Yours will happen also, then you will be busy.
    Joe & Carolyn Segler

  12. What a fun evening with your RV Dreamer friends. Good pre-game warm up. Night of a 1000 candles looked like a beautiful event. We hope your new Realtor brings you a quick sale. Merry Christmas to you both.