Kayaking with Dreamers - Sunday - December 4, 2011

Nancy had the day off from work today and she really hasn’t had that many lately. RV Dream friends, Gin & Syl and Dan & Trish are camping at Huntington Beach State Park. We made arrangements to get together and Kayak the inter-costal waterway this afternoon.
Nancy had looked at the tides and determined that low tide was going to be about 2:30 PM. If we put the kayaks in about 12:30PM we should be able to go with the tide for about 2 hours.  Then when the tide changed, we could return with the tide back to our launch point at Enterprise road.
00 - Map I can never figure the tides out right ;0((    
However, Nancy was spot on today ;o))

We put in and headed south towards Georgetown. 01 - Launching the Kayaks

Trish and Dan
01a - Dan and Tricia

01b - Syl

Gin01c - Gin

The current was really good. If the truth be known,
 the six of us spent the first hour or so just drifting along
only occasionally putting the paddles in the water.01d - Group Float
We enjoyed a little lunch along the way as well.

As we drifted along, we saw several beautiful boats traveling the main channel.02 - Boats on the River02c - Boats on the River02e - Boats on the River

We also saw a couple that weren’t quite so beautiful and required closer examination.02b - Boats on the River02d - Boats on the River

We reached the turnaround a little before the tides would change,
so we took a little rest on a sandy beach area.     
After all, we did paddle occasionally ;o))01d - Stopping at the Bar - Sand01f - Stopping at the Bar - Sand

This time of year there is very little wildlife.  However, once we made the turn and headed back off the main channel we saw a few more interesting things.

This osprey was up in the tree with a fresh caught fish.03d - Nature Stuff - Osprey
He stayed right on the branch, even as we passed under. 
But then somebody smacked a paddle on the water…
Off he flew with his dinner in tow!!03e - Nature Stuff - Osprey

We passed a couple of unique river cabins!!04 - River Shacks

Dan and Trish paddled over to get a closer look at this one
which also had an adjoining houseboat!!04b - River Shacks

Trish gave this place a ‘thumbs-up’ until….04c - River Shacks

We spotted a copperhead “Guard Snake" on the steps of this “Love Shack” ;o))04d - River Shacks
As soon as we said the word “snake”…
Trish was quick to lift her paddle and get a little squeamish.
Obviously snakes are not one of her favorite animals!

The gang was pointing out….Zee Osprey, Zee Osprey!!!01h - Opsrey Again

Sure enough, he returned to his nest to enjoy his dinner:o))03F - Nature Stuff - Osprey

Before we knew it, we were back to the main channel with just a short paddle to the landing.01i - Back in the Main Channel

The weather really cooperated as it hit almost 70 degrees with a slight breeze. The company was great and we shared tons of stories and laughs along the way. We actually spent about 3 ½ hours on the river travelling a bit over 5 miles.

01p -  The End
What a fantastic way to spend a mild December afternoon with friends.

We’ll have to do this again!


  1. Oh what a great trip! Nancy is my tide girl from now on. Don't know if you were reading the blog when I gave the job to David at Cumberland Island and he nearly got me drowned when he planned it backwards. Ahhhhhhh "sometimes" I wonder.

    Great group! What fun! Sure wish I'd been there.

    ((HUGS to ALL))

  2. Oh what fun! I'm sure you all had a lot of laughs and some reminiscing :)
    I totally enjoyed following along from afar :) (except, of course, for that critter! I had to fast-forward through that picture!)

  3. Wish we were there! Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Oh too much fun!! Wish we were there too :)

  5. Great paddle despite seeing the snake. Didn't know I could back-paddle that quick! Good afternoon with friends and we'll have to do it again soon!

  6. Yes it was a great paddle. Especially the time floating together. I'm at the dentist now so this gives me something good to think about while the drill is going. See ya soon.

  7. Great post. Nancy needs to teach me the trick of figuring out the tides so that there is never any paddling :-)

  8. Nothing better than letting the tide do all the work for you. Nice get together.

    That guard snake, is that a Southern thing?

  9. Looks like a great time with fellow RV-Dreamers.

  10. What a nice day! Enjoy! We aren't having many nice days in Kentucky, but another 2 1/2 weeks we head to Florida!

  11. What a lovely day you had! Thanks for sharing! Wish it was as warm here where we are in Arizona as it is there!