Good Times with the Family - Thursday - October 6, 2011

Our son Brian was coming down to the beach for a little R & R from his hectic job. He also has to do some pet sitting for his in-laws, who happen to live only a couple of miles from us. The weather was perfect and he wanted to play some golf as well. Obviously, he didn’t have to twist my arm to get me to go.

We had a great time at Heron Point Golf Club although neither one of us played very well. 01 - Brian Driving GolfHe hits the ball a country mile, but, I seem to catch him on the short game. I ended up edging him by one stroke, but it could have gone either way and I got lucky this time. All I really wanted was to spend some time with him and golfing was a terrific way to spend four hours laughing and catching up on his life activities.

Nancy’s Mom turned 89 this week and we wanted to take her out to dinner on her special occasion and with Brian down here it was even more special.

03 - Bonefish Grill SignMom wanted to try the Bonefish Grill in Myrtle Beach (her friend raved about the shrimp), so --- Bonefish Grill it is. At 89 you get to go WHEREVER you want for dinner ;o)) 

We picked up Nancy’s Mom and met Brian at the restaurant where he had flowers for his Grandmother.
02 - Brian and Grandmom
What a nice touch that was!

We all ordered a different fish entrées and we split a bang bang shrimp appetizer.04 - Mom's Birthday Dinner

It’s always nice when the family gets together and this was no exception. Of course we wished that Brian’s wife Chris and Julie’s family could have joined us, but, they were there in spirit. What a good day we all had and we look forward to our next reunion with all of them!!


  1. Always nice to get a little one on one time with a grown child. That's pretty rare with their busy lives and their own families. Glad you two had that time together.

    Happy Birthday to your mom Nancy. Maybe we should get your 89 year old mother and my 91 year old father together! LOL Or at least perhaps she could tell him how nice her assisted living place is. I'd love to get him somewhere that he wasn't alone all the time. But he dislikes change more than being alone aparently.

    Boy we have some long lived genes to live up to.

  2. The old man's still got it, a win by one stroke is still a win.

    Great to be able to spend time with your son, seems like family visits are too few and way too short.

    Paul & Marti (Yep, Blogger is giving me a hard time commenting again - Grrr!)

  3. Happy birthday to Nancy's mom, and how nice that Brian was able to celebrate her birthday with you!

  4. How nice you were all able to spend such a wonderful birthday together. Happy Birthday Nancy's mom!
    This must be parents month :) My mom turns 82 on Monday, the 10th.

    Congrats on eeking out the one stroke win Bill! I'll bet Brian enjoyed that day and game every bit as much as you did.

  5. It's great to see smiles on everyone's face.